5 Considerations for Marketing Your Beauty Salon on Social Media

Social Media Coach Vanessa Ibrahim shares what beauty business owners need to know when marketing themselves online.

As a professional salon owner, the thought of social media and everything it entails might leave you feeling a little overwhelmed.

With our current climate, it’s not enough to just be a beauty therapist; you must know how to advertise on Instagram, edit reels, capture content, learn new trends on TikTok and post every day, all whilst managing your team, running your business, keeping your clients happy, servicing your clients and everything else that comes into play.

Not long ago, Instagram unveiled its newest creation, Threads – a platform designed for sharing text updates and participating in public discussions. As a result, I received enquiries from clients wondering if we should consider embracing this fresh platform. I said no. Here’s why –

You can only be some things to everyone, and if you’re not utilising the social platforms to their fullest potential, you will be wasting your time and energy. So here is your permission slip to relax and not jump onto the latest trends, despite what people say.

If you’re prepared to bid farewell to stress and begin harnessing the power of social media to benefit your business, continue reading!

Social Media Coach, Vanessa Ibrahim

Here’s 5 things to consider when using social media for your beauty business:

1. What is your goal with salon social media?

Brand Awareness? Organic reviews? An extra revenue steam? This question will help structure your content plan – what do you want to be known for, and who do you want to be known to? Simple as that.

2. Which platforms should you be using?

This depends on your ideal client and your answers for the above. Are they women between 25 and 45, or do you service a clientele over 45? Be realistic, and ask your clients how they consume their content. – you might be surprised. Sometimes, it’s simple and you already use the right platforms. I suggest three platforms as a maximum, split into energy versus time. This can look like 60 percent Instagram, 30 percent Facebook and 10 percent TikTok.

3. What do you post?

This is the question I always get asked – what do I actually post? Here are some ideas for you:

●       A Day in the Life (reel)

●       Three steps for becoming a beauty therapist (video series)

●       Introducing yourself and how you got started (story)

●       Behind-the-scenes (reel)

●       Sharing a quick tip on product usage (story)

●       Packing orders/online orders (reel)

●       Sharing a review or testimonial (feed)

●       Sharing product shots (feed)

●       Host a giveaway with your followers (story)

●       Share hacks / ideas (reel)

●       Answers FAQ (story/feed)

●       Meet the team (reel/story).

Hot tip: Ensure that your content is organised around these three core principles:

  1. Educational (for example, exploring the significance of facials and skincare)
  2. Informative (for example, unlock X on purchases over $200 OR Introducing our new loyalty programs)
  3. Inspirational (for example, get acquainted with our team! OR discover our current favorite products).

4. How do you get content?

You can generate content through various methods such as before-and-after visuals, snapshots of stocked products, tutorials showcasing staff product utilisation, client facials (seek permission from clients for filming), or you invite a friend or family member to model for you. You can leverage brand assets of the products you offer (reach out to distributors for an abundance of free content at your disposal!)

5. What are the best apps and tools to use?

●       Canva Pro for producing all your content

●       Grammarly for writing caption copy

●       Inshot, Mojo and Capcut for editing video reels

●       Metricool and Planoly for scheduling your content across multiple platforms.

When considering these points, remember to have fun with your social media endeavours! When unsure about post ideas, draw inspiration from those you admire and peek at the explore sections of TikTok and Instagram.

And lastly, check your weekly statistics on Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook to identify the most popular and relevant content. This approach will guide you in determining what and when to post.

This article was produced by Vanessa Ibrahim of VK Branding. VK Branding offers social media coaching services to beauty and skincare businesses.

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