Clear Complexions Open in Balmain

Suzie Hoitink, registered nurse and founder of the Clear Complexions Clinics in Canberra, is delighted to bring the specialised skin treatment salon to Sydney’s inner-west.

Suzie Hoitink (left) training staff

It was a personal struggle with skin issues that prompted Suzie to open her first clinic, in 2005, after recognising the need for a medical approach to everyday skin issues such as sun damage, rosacea, acne and scarring.

The clinic was an immediate success which Suzie attributes to the fact they exclusively employ highly skilled nurses to perform all treatments.  Pioneering a niche for nurses that didn’t exist before, she is a firm believer nurses provide the highest level of professionalism, safety and effectiveness in performing skin rejuvenation therapies.


“There is no silver bullet; it is about knowing how to put the right combination of skincare and treatments together for each individual and establishing a plan that keeps their skin healthy going forward. It is what our nurses do at Clear Complexions,” Suzie said.

Since their inception, the award winning clinics have developed a reputation for bringing the most cutting edge technology to dramatically improve the health of clients’ skin. “Having only doctors or nurses treat clients has allowed us to source equipment not available to individuals without a medical background,” explained Suzie.


With three clinics in Canberra and another under construction, Suzie is thrilled to have opened a Clear Complexions Clinic in Balmain, Sydney. Like all the clinics, Clear Complexions Balmain employs only highly skilled nurses and doctors to perform all treatments and is undoubtedly one of the most well-equipped clinics in Australia featuring treatments, such as fractioned lasers, LED technology, Platelet Rich Plasma, Nd:yag lasers, IPL’s and Isolaz.

The new clinic is based at 2A Rowntree Street, Balmain. Visit for further information.


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