Tips to keep clients rebooking and beautiful through winter

Tips for treating clients with Rosacea this winter

“Professional Beauty chats with Pharmacist, Sensitive Skin Expert and Founder of QED Skincare Shoshana Eisner for her advice on the best way to help clients beat rosacea flare-ups in colder weather.” Read more >

How to keep your wax clients booking

“If you’re finding your waxing appointments are dropping off now that winter is here? We ask Michele Hetherington, Customer Service Training Manager at Jax Wax for seven inspired winter waxing tips that will keep your wax appointments filled. ” Read more >

Winter Skin Top Tips from Vita-Sol Founder Fiona Tuck

“It’s that time of year when clients need to layer up and keep snug — and that includes protecting their skin, says Fiona Tuck. Skin can become dry over the winter months due to chilly winter air, indoor heating and a heavier diet. Stodgy high carbohydrate diets may provide extra fuel but can often be lacking in essential skin nutrients such as omega 3 essential fats and antioxidants.” Read more >

6 common winter skin mistakes your client is making

“Winter is the time when your clients’ skin is covered up in winter woollies, exposed to extreme temperatures and soaked in hot baths and showers. We talk to Noella Gabriel, Co-Founder and Creator of Elemis Therapies about the common winter-related skin mistakes your clients could be making – and how to solve them.” Read more >

How to get your clients waxing in winter

“‘Why should I keep waxing in winter?’ If you haven’t heard this one before, then welcome to the waxing business! During the colder months, the last thing on your clients’ mind is baring their legs, let alone removing the hair off them. Despite this, there are tried and tested techniques waxing specialists use during winter to keep their schedule fully booked. Professional Beauty sat down with Lillian Caron, founder of Caronlab Australia and waxing expert, to ask the experts in her team convince clients to visit in winter.” Read more >

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