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Founder of Skin by Sarah Hudson, this Aesthetic Skin Practitioner with more than 25 years experience  has been a leader in the skin therapy and is renowned for her expertise in needling, laser and LED Light Therapies.  She chats to Anita Quade about the importance of creating a welcoming salon environment.

Tell us the design concept you had in mind when opening your salon?

“My vision was to create a space that encompassed a chic New York look and feel.”

What is the most important factor to consider when it comes to setting the mood for a salon?

“I like to stimulate the five senses – Touch, Taste, Sight, Smell and Hearing.

When a client enters my clinic: the first thing they see is beautiful different hues of blue, custom designed desk and credenza with white, blue or fuchsia orchards.

I like to awaken my customer’s sense of smell with the scent of Voluspa candles and their sense of taste with unique herbal teas or lemon water, while they read one of my beautiful books.

Music is piped evenly through the clinic, I love tunes of jazz and enjoying playing Aretha Franklin and Rod Stewart’s Great American Song Book, music is changed daily so we never have to listen to the same music. After 25 years in the industry I can’t listen to any more ‘Spa Style’ music.

A clean environment goes without saying! This means every inch of the space you work in. Looking at the ceiling, and skirtings for scuff marks. Touching up paint yearly, so there are no marks on the walls.”

Any favourite pieces/where did you find your salon furniture?

“My favourite piece is the custom-made window seat in the front window. The light streams through the windows, reflecting all the tones of blue, which evoke calmness when you walk in. I love to sit on the window seat and drink a cup-of-tea, or ‘people watch’ or chat to my clients.”

How often do you revamp the space?

“The clinic is only 15 months old, I like to add and make small changes to the décor every 6 months, especially with the change of seasons. I love ‘Spring Spa Wear’ you can change linen, runners or throws without it being costly.

In my previous clinic, I changed the decor every 4 years. With this change I also changed the style of services I offered and introduced new technologies. It portrays an important message to your clients: you are evolving and changing with industry trends and technology and it keeps both you and staff motivated.”

Do you have any simple tips for salon owners looking to update their salon for the winter season?

“I love moody tones for winter it gives a cosy ambience to the salon and sets the tone..

Some inexpensive tips: Change the linen on the beds to rich hues of autumn/winter, such as dark greys, aubergine, and taupe.

Throw rugs on the beds or chairs is a great way to introduce autumn/winter tones and are the perfect warming cover for shorter treatments.

One of my favourites is an electric blanket (single bed size): its inexpensive but oh so much impact! And who doesn’t love lying on a warm bed.

Sourcing candles and/or diffusers that are contain scents such as: amber, blackcurrant and cloves.

I also like to serve warm aromatic teas: milk free Chai, immune boosting tea or teas that contain warming spices.”

What feature do you love most about the salon?

“In my treatment room the washable linen and disposable linen basket are in the cupboards directly behind my treatment bed. The room change over between clients, is extremely fast and effective. It also means I am not walking around the clinic with dirty linen in my hands.”

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