Myndstream Launches Cloud-Based Spa Music Service With Tailored Playlists for Beauty Treatments

Audio streaming provider Myndstream has announced the launch of its Spa Music Service.

The cloud-based subscription service was built to provide users access to an extensive library of songs tailored for use in salons and spas.

Mydnstream spa playlists are categorised depending on the preferred mood set by the beauty therapist during a client treatment.

45 minute, 60 minute, 90 minute and 120 minute playlists are available to suit common treatment lengths. 

A survey was conducted with 2000 spa community members to best understand their needs before developing Myndstream’s Spa Music Service.

Mynstream’s interface provides users with a range of playlist options.

Based on this survey, Myndstream revealed that 92 percent of respondents were very likely or likely to recommend the provider’s music to another spa. It was also revealed that 85 percent of respondents felt that the provider’s music matched the environment of their spa.

Playlists will be updated on-the-go by the provider to reflect feedback passed on by participating beauty therapists.

Myndstream worked with doctors and educators in the auditory space to develop its latest wellness program. 

“No longer should music be background noise in the spa but instead an integral part of the spa experience with tangible wellness benefits,” the company’s CEO, Freddie Moross shared in a press statement. 

We are thrilled to offer this transformative and accessible audio experience to spa owners, and we will continue to evolve our music offering through ongoing research programs.”

“We believe our music service will allow spas to create a truly immersive and potentially, life changing experience for their clients.”

All audio content made available by Myndstream is fully licensed. A subscription service fee of $US250 ($AU370) annually is charged on sign-up. 

This fee entitles an account holder to streaming ability from an unlimited number of rooms within a business. Users that fall under the same account can stream different playlists at the same time.

For use at additional locations under the same account, a fee of $US150 ($AU221) is charged per location.

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