Here’s What the Ideal Australian Woman Looks Like, According to AI

The concept of using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to support us in our daily lives is nothing new.

The trend has shifted gears in recent years, with AI image generation platforms finding their way into a wide range of applications.

While the technology is constantly evolving and algorithms improving, AI can share useful insights into what the rest of the world is searching for online.

Research recently conducted by supplement brand Great Green Wall sought to identify what the ideal female looks like across the globe.

The company used AI image generator, Midjourney to produce pictures of female beauty pageant representatives across dozens of countries. Four pictures of the ideal Australian woman were included in the search.

Great Green Wall says the prompt provided to AI was: ‘Create a realistic photo of what the [country name] public consider the ideal woman’s body to be Miss [country name]’.

The ideal Australian woman

AI image generator, Midjourney developed four images to reflect the ideal Australian woman.

It found that the ideal Australian woman is white, with a muscular body type and curvy hips and thighs. 

A flat stomach, defined abs, a small waist and toned arms are consistent across the four images generated. All four images also portray a woman with a high forehead, soft jawline, and high cheekbones.

Ideal hair colours and styles vary from brunette to blonde, short to long. Each of the four pictures shows a woman wearing little more than a two-piece swim set.

The exact formula used by Midjourney to develop these images remains unclear. However, it’s generally understood that the software takes from the millions of images available via online datasets and pieces them together. Images are a culmination of the patterns and features common across those datasets.

The images portrayed are not necessarily a reflection of what the average Australian woman looks like.

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