Sunescape turns to the dark(est) side

After three years of development, Sunescape has launched an ultra-dark spray tan solution – Summer in Santorini – that looks as natural as its other spray tans.

Announcing the launch, Sunescape founder Matt Williams said the formula for the 16% natural DHA Spray Tan Solution took such a long time to perfect as the brand didn’t want to compromise on quality.

“Sunescape has always prided itself on having the most natural looking tan,” he says. “That’s why we named our light tanning solution ‘Weekend in Bondi, our medium ‘Week in Fiji’ and our dark formula ‘Month in Maui’.

“We never wanted it to look like our customers had been spray tanned but instead we wanted their colour to look natural as if they had been away on a beautiful holiday.”

“So, for several years we have been working on creating an ultra-dark professional spray tan solution that provided the extra dark tan that some customers want, but without compromising a natural looking dark colour and ensuring it  still smells good, lasts long, and fades naturally.”

“It has not been easy and that’s why Summer in Santorini has been in the making for the last three years, but we are so delighted that it is ready for summer 2018/2019. We had a short run ready for last year’s Beauty Expo and the feedback has been amazing.”

Matt, who is also the owner and managing director of Professional Beauty Solutions, says the violet-base tanning solution leaves skin with a deep olive tan “as though you have just returned from a summer in the Greek Islands”.

The solution is formulated from four different forms of natural DHA and enriched with a Bioactive Super Hydration Complex made from Australian ‘superberries’ as well as Fijian tamanu, coconut and macadamia oil, jojoba esters and sodium hyaluronate to “deliver advanced 48-hour hydration and radiance to the skin” and organic aloe, green tea, cranberry and pomegranate extracts to “plump, hydrate, nourish, protect and enhance skin’s appearance”.

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