Synergie Skin founder Terri Vinson

Australian cosmeceutical skincare brand, Synergie Skin, has launched its first tech device onto the market.

Launching the device, Synergie Skin founder Terri Vinson said the Plabeau G4+ is the world’s first portable skin rejuvenation device based on plasma technology.

She said the device “employs non-invasive, cool and painless plasma technology to deliver six clinically proven benefits for the skin – it  “enhances the absorption of active ingredients; boosts collagen to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles; refines pores and overall texture; soothes; hydrates; and removes harmful bacteria”.

Vinson said she decided to import the Plabeau G4+  into Australia after seeing clinical data on the device including studies which showed “a 41 percent increase in the amount of active ingredients absorbed after 10 minutes of use” and “acceleration of skin regeneration by an average of 50 percent”.

“I knew I was onto something special,” she said.

The Plabeau G4+

“The industry has seen the clinical benefits of hot plasma science, but this new cold plasma technology is seriously cutting-edge.

“The results from the at-home device are phenomenal for relieving irritation and regenerating the skin.

“Whether it’s for anti-ageing, acne, redness or dermatitis, so many clients will benefit from using Plabeau.

“I’m so excited to be the first to bring this to the Australian market.”

Vinson said the Plabeau G4+ will be sold to consumers on Synergie’s website and salon/clinic partners.

An in-clinic treatment model, which is “40 percent more efficient  than the Plabeau G4+ home model due to a larger plate size,” is also available.

Vinson said the device can be used  “in any salon facial incorporating active cosmeceutical ingredients”.

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