Sodashi On-board Emirates Private Jet

Sodashi is now available as an amenity on-board the Emirates Airlines’ A319 private jet. The luxury aircraft that transports celebrities, VIPs and royals will now offer Sodashi aromatic shower gel, soap, hand wash, hand lotion and body lotion.

Megan Larsen, founder of Sodashi said, “We are delighted that Emirates have chosen Sodashi amenities for its private jet, a pinnacle luxury service. Having worked with Emirates for over six years, we are delighted to extend our partnership with this world class airline to offer the finest products, experiences and results – which are truly beyond expectations. At Sodashi we blend therapeutic-grade natural ingredients to formulate high-performance skin care.” Megan explained.

Sodashi therapies and skin care products have been an integral part of the Emirates Airlines’ Timeless offering for the past six years, and were recently introduced in their new Timeless Spa facilities in Terminal 3 at Dubai International Airport. Sodashi is also offered exclusively at the exquisite Emirates Wolgan Valley Resort and Spa in New South Wales. Choosing Sodashi amenities for the A319 private jet further reflects the strong synergy between the Emirates and Sodashi brands.

“As a premium spa brand Sodashi perfectly complements Emirates’ luxury private jet offering, and will truly enhance each passengers individual experience.” Megan added.

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