Face2Face Makeup Awards

The Sydney International Spa & Beauty Expo’s Face2Face Makeup Awards offer the opportunity to propel your makeup artistry career to the next level and get the recognition you deserve.

Whether you work in TV and special effects, creative photo shoots, do bridal makeup as your bread and butter in the salon or you’re an aspiring session stylist, the Face2Face Makeup Awards are an ideal opportunity to showcase your talent. Judged by a celebrity industry panel there are amazing prizes on offer.

Awards coordinator, Becca Gilmartin, a body and makeup artist who has worked on Rosemount Australia Fashion Weeks and Australia’s Next Top Model, describes the awards as “the platform for every kind of makeup artist to explore their craft, push their personal limits and display excellence on a national competition level not yet seen in Australia”.


The Modern Bride: Interpreting 2013’s key bridal look.

Runway Inspired: For the first time, this category will be in collaboration with an Australian fashion designer based on their latest range, in order to give entrants the chance to learn what it’s like to design a makeup look for a runway show. The brief for this category will be in the form of the designer’s mood board, examples of the clothing and inspiration about the range and some descriptive words about how they see hair and makeup.

Beauty Editorial: Returning for a second year, this year sees the introduction of a brief on which entrants are to base their work. For example: “You are to create a beauty shoot for a double page beauty feature in Vogue Italia. The editor has asked for creative, yet beautiful.”

Film/Fantasy and Film/Fantasy Special Effects: It’s time to get original and create your own film character with the brief for 2013 around the concept of hybrids. “A porthole has been discovered over London that transports humans to a parallel universe. Two scientists accidently journey to this new universe to discover a world where humans and animals have become hybrids of each other. They soon discover humans from earth have been imprisoned and they are the only ones who can help their safe return. The scientists find their way into Royal grounds to meet with society’s elite, gain the hybrid’s trust that humans pose no threat and to release the captives. Hybrid society reflects Earth’s food chain and dominant species. It’s no surprise hybrid society is ruled by a man/lion.” Each entrant is to create a character from hybrid society. It can be a main character (create a royal or society elite like mayor, politician, celebrity, etc.) or a featured extra (café worker, bus driver, etc.). Entrants submit a character description and how they fit into the film.

Prizes include:
Two days with Rae Morris
Your work published in Professional Beauty magazine
Mentorship in The Green Brush Project
Products prizes
One year subscription to Professional Beauty magazine

Contact: For entry enquiries email Becca Gilmartin becca@beccagilmartin.com or visit www.internationalbeautyexpo.com.au

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