Skincare Device Expert Explains ‘At-Home’ Trend

The popularity of maintaining a glow with at home skincare devices has dramatically risen in the past few years. Clients are increasingly turning to LED masks, skin rollers and other advanced technology for maintenance. Anita Quade chats to Ellodi Director Kathryn Trivella about the personal care market and her latest launch.

“I launched Ellodi after working with and selling products for over a decade to major retailers I became quite obsessed with personal care and self-care products. When looking at the self- care market I found that there was a real mismatch of product quality, advice, and confusion around how to use products. Ellodi was born out an idea to make self-care simple.

I focused on a small range of quality products that are not only simple to use, but that will also give you results at home. I also wanted the freedom to speak directly to customers rather than through an established retailer or brand so I started our online store so that I can set the principles of the brand. I want Ellodi to become known as a trusted self-care brand. Where you can expect quality products, backed by testing and your best interests in mind.

Anecdotally we have found that as we get life back to normal, people are looking for more ways to add self-care into their regimes. Whether they let it go over lockdowns and now want to start feeling fresher or miss the quiet time they had in lockdown so want to dedicate the time for self-care and are looking for devices that complement their regime and make them feel good.

Ellodi Director Kathryn Trivella [pictured] spoke to Professional Beauty about the personal care market and her latest Ellodi device launch.

I believe that home devices make caring for yourself and your skin more accessible to everyone. They are ideal for anyone who finds it hard to visit a beauty salon, whether it’s the cost or time factor, they are also great for in-between appointments.

Our tools and devices are also non-invasive and importantly tested to AU standards, which means you can use them without risk. There are other products on the market that don’t meet these guidelines, so we urge consumers to consider this when purchasing a device.

We believe that invasive treatments are best left to salon experts, and severe skin issues should also be treated by a professional.

At home products have their place and I think it really depends on the individual; some people just want to brighten their skin and help slow the signs of ageing; our products will certainly help with this. If you are looking for real change and quick results you would need to use these in combination with a salon expert.

To date our most popular product has been our Silicone Cleanser, customers are loving the combined heated massage function where you can deeply massage your favourite serum into your skin. The handy travel cover means you are ready to go.

More recently we have seen some great feedback on our LED Light Therapy Mask, just launched last month. The main reasons it is so popular is that we offer both anti-ageing and anti-acne modes. Anti-acne mode is ideal for anyone who suffers from acne, pimples or inflammation, however it’s also perfect for anyone who occasionally sees a few spots or has hormonal outbreaks. Our mask is also a great fit and easy to use, importantly we also have TGA approval, so you can use it with confidence.

You can achieve results with an at home LED device, however, to be safe the intensity of the light is much lower than in salon equipment.

Ellodi has seen a lot of great feedback on their LED Light Therapy Mask, which just launched last month.

When using a mask, you really need to be consistent with use, 10-minute treatments three times a week, this means your skin is constantly being treated and will encourage strong collagen production. A 10-minute mask treatment can’t really compare to the instant effects of a salon treatment, however over time and consistent use you will see brighter skin, better skin tone and reduced fine lines.

Our current range is just the beginning for us, we intend to become a destination for at home self-care, only adding products that we think people really need. At the core of our business, we will be following expert advice, being honest and keeping it simple for our customers, we hope this approach will encourage more people to find time for self-care.”

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