Beauty Industry Jobs You May Not Have Considered (and How to Get Them)

Advancements in areas such as technology and product research have opened whole avenues outside the more traditional roles we associate with the industry, writes Cindy McNaughton.

The beauty industry has always been a dynamic and creative one to work in. From in-salon and on-counter roles working with the public to behind-the-scenes positions, helping to direct a company’s focus, it is a wide and varied industry. That’s all the more evident now as the world of beauty is changing and developing at a dramatic pace.  

Advancements in areas such as technology and product research have opened whole avenues outside the more traditional roles we associate with the industry. The arrival of social media changed the landscape for a lot of industries, and for beauty it has introduced opportunities around digital marketing, education and creativity. That’s not to mention the industry’s growing focus on sustainability and diversity which has led to the development of completely new roles too.  

It’s an exciting time in beauty, and whatever your interests or strengths there is sure to be a whole host of jobs out there to suit – perhaps some you may not even have heard of before. 

If you’re looking to embark on a beauty career or if you’re ready to take that next step on your career path here are a number of job titles that might be worth considering. Make sure to check out the Professional Beauty Job Board too as it’s full of relevant available opportunities across Australia.  

Sustainability Manager 

No mere fad, sustainably has become a major focus in the beauty world and beyond. Euromonitor’s lifestyles survey (2021) found that 61% of Australians try to have a positive impact on the environment through their daily actions. This is an area that’s only set to grow too as brands, companies and individuals get to grips with living more sustainably. From innovations in compostable packaging solutions to sustainably-harvested ingredients, businesses are pivoting onto a greener path and roles around sustainability will undoubtedly increase as a result.  

What’s involved: As the name suggests, a sustainability manager position focuses on a company’s sustainability practices. This can encompass everything from the ingredients and packaging it uses to the wider question of its eco commitments and how it can adapt to this ongoing issue. Look at larger companies such as Johnson & Johnson or The Body Shop which may be prioritising roles in this area. 

Product Development 

The fast-paced world of social media has put brands on the global map – and with endless choice out there, capitalising on what consumers want and need is essential. A product developer role tends to feature elements across marketing, trend tracking, product research, liaising with research and development (R&D) teams and more. The product developer can work across anything from the initial concept for a product through to shade names and packaging, all the while amplifying a brand’s DNA with a firm eye on what consumers are seeking. 

What’s involved: If you’ve got a solid marketing background, an extensive knowledge of beauty industry trends and a creative streak this could be the role for you. Look for a brand with a strong, clear personality and positioning, such as Aesop.  

Social Media Director 

The arrival of online shopping and social media changed how the beauty world operates – and the opportunities that exist online for a business are significant, to say the least. Most of us follow our favourite brands on social platforms and are no strangers to hitting the ‘buy now’ button.  

In fact, a report on the growth and trends of the Australian beauty and personal care market (2022 – 2027) found that 8 billion Australians above the age of 14 years made at least one online purchase in a given four-week period. A social media director is perfectly positioned to capitalise on this interest in beauty – and if you’re a natural whizz online it could be the dream role. 

What’s involved: A social media director will identify a target audience and create a solid content strategy with clear objectives to get them involved. The role is all about building communities, creating organic growth and developing brand loyalty. Check out the likes of Colgate-Palmolive, one of the leading players in the industry in Australia, for opportunities.  

Director of Artistry  

If education is more your area of interest, a director of artistry role could be something to go for. It’s a position that’s received more recognition in recent years as global brands bring big-name make-up artists on board for their creativity, experience and expertise, which is exactly what this role demands.  

It’s often more accurately described as a ‘director of artistry and education’ role as it focuses on the sharing of skills as well as creative vision. Where once it may have been behind the scenes, many directors of artistry are now firmly front and centre, utilising Instagram, YouTube and TikTok to share their expertise and expand on a brand’s creative ethos. 

What’s involved: Usually found in bigger organisations (think global names like L’Oreal and Estee Lauder) it’s a diverse and interesting role which touches on marketing and PR as well as education and, of course, the all-important creativity.  

The beauty industry is one of the most innovative and dynamic there is. If you’re ready for your next challenge or to expand your skill set, check out the Professional Beauty Job Board for exciting opportunities across the industry.

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