Dr Robin Chok Talks Surgical and Non-Surgical Solutions for Skin Rejuvenation

Dr Robin Chok, founder of the Regenesis Cosmetic Clinic reveals how he has integrated non-surgical and surgical modalities in salons to produce natural rejuvenation of the face and body.

Tell us how you started your incredible career?

“Qualifying in medicine and surgery from Flinders University in South Australia, I subsequently underwent five years of formal surgical training with the Royal Australasian College of Surgery (RACS). My extensive surgical experience and training in Cardiothoracic, Plastic and Vascular surgery led me to pursue my passion which is Cosmetic Surgery and become an accredited Cosmetic Surgeon with a Surgical Fellowship from the Australasian College of Cosmetic Surgery (ACCS).”

What inspired you to work in the cosmetic industry?

“My interest in cosmetic facial artistry and body rejuvenation using non-surgical and surgical treatment modalities. Given my background in surgery I was provided with a powerful platform to integrate non-surgical and surgical techniques in the most efficient ways to create an effective yet natural rejuvenation of the face and body.”

You must have seen so many changes during your career – what is one of the standouts?

“In recent years, I have noticed the surge in demand for minimally invasive, non- surgical cosmetic medical treatments relating to anti-ageing from patients of varying ages.”

Any important lessons that you have learnt along the way?

“To constantly evolve by developing new protocols and by combining modalities to enhance results for the patient.”

Tell us about setting up the Regenesis Cosmetic Surgery – what was your ultimate goal when launching this?

“The vision was to curate a synergistic portfolio of non–surgical based procedures for the face and body’s rejuvenation and to create a destination for patients to undertake treatment in a luxury setting whilst in a discreet location, close to the city of Adelaide.”

What is the most popular treatment?

“For me Bio Remodelling and Revitalization and PDO threads. My clinicians can then combine laser, radio frequency or Ultherapy for further anti- ageing results and maintenance.”

There has been so many developments in skincare devices – which are the most popular at your surgery?

“Exilis 360 which combines RF and Ultrasound for skin tightening ensuring the precise amount of energy is delivered at the highest power to the exact fascial tissue depth achieving optimal results, while still maintaining patient comfort.

Also, Fotona 4D as it has the ability to treat internally with Intra Oral producing skin tightening effects from the inside out along with Smooth Eye which works in conjunction with the aesthetic medical enhancements I perform.”

With so many options on the market – how do you choose the correct device to invest in?

“When investing in any device for my practice, it’s always important to assess the safety, efficacy, reliability, ease of use and ROI. Building a rapport with responsive teams within the industry and those which support their doctor’s long term, is a key factor. Together with branding that has a strong presence on social media, with a vibrant social media community on a variety of platforms which helps to generate and maintain interest around the device and my business. Quality and consistency of the support is paramount.”

You mention that results are accelerated with the use of LaseMD range of ampoules, how did you source this product ?

“When attending a medical conference in Korea about four years ago, I was introduced to the range of ampoules that pairs with the LaseMD device from Lutronic. As the actives are compressed and activated at the time of use, the serum formulation is fresh, at full potency and delivered to the patient’s skin immediately. As Advanced Cosmeceuticals is the distributor for Lutronic in Australia, I reached out to Managing Director and friend Catherine Biedermann.”

How important is training in the industry?

“Ongoing training is essential, no matter how experienced you are. I am an advocate of upskilling and the sharing of knowledge and techniques.”

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