Glass Skin, Skinimalism and Korean Skincare Top the List of Most Searched for Beauty Trends of 2023

A shortlist containing the top 20 skin, makeup, hair and nail looks of 2023 has been identified by UK e-commerce site, Cult Beauty.

The list is made up of search terms used most for the year across Google, Instagram and TikTok.

Glass Skin has racked up a total of 3.3 billion mentions, 3 billion of which have come from TikTok hashtags alone. In typical Korean beauty style, a glass skin look is achieved by making skin appear abundantly dewy. Multiple skincare products are used to transform skin into a luminous, poreless slate, as though to mimic the look of glass. Makeup is kept lightweight by incorporating radiance-inducing skin tints and other liquid solutions, foregoing powders altogether.

Skinimalism has accrued 135,000 monthly Google searches, 42,283 Instagram hashtags, and a mammoth 52.3 million TikTok hashtags. The trend is said to reflect a less-is-more approach to both skincare and makeup. Those embracing the trend typically aim to achieve a natural look for their makeup, where skin’s natural texture and appearance are observed. As few skincare products as possible are suggested for use, with recommendations instead leaning toward multitasking solutions. The trend is set against other beauty trends, like K-Beauty’s 10-step routine, and ‘caked-on’ makeup.

On the contrary, Korean Skincare came in at number one. Engagement in the trend has remained strong for several years, with 2023 proving no different. Having generated a gobsmacking 7 billion views and counting, its attention to radiant, flawless skin continues to have the world talking. Unlike its up-and-coming Skinimalism cousin, the Korean Skincare trend encourages users to achieve a radiant and flawless complexion, free of blemishes and uneven skin textures.

Read the full list of trends via the Cult Beauty website.

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