EXCLUSIVE: Purely Polished Sold, Meet New Owner Lyndle Bryan

Early this week, Iman Davamoni announced her decision to sell Purely Polished.

In a subscriber-only email, Iman thanked users of the Australian mobile beauty service stating: “Having founded this venture in April of 2016, my nearly eight years of dedicated involvement have led me to embark on a new chapter.”

The next day, Purely Polished’s incoming owner was named in entrepreneur, hairdresser and makeup artist, Lyndle Bryan.

Purely Polished is an Australia-wide network of mobile beauty professionals servicing clients in their homes or workplaces, and corporate groups.

Professional Beauty spoke exclusively with Lyndle Bryan on the move, discussing what’s next for the service:

Congratulations on your new role! How did this change of ownership come about?

“Iman and I engaged in ongoing discussions over the past two years, exploring potential collaboration opportunities. While the timing wasn’t initially optimal, a strategic alignment emerged when Iman disclosed her intention to sell Purely Polished (PP). Subsequent discussions led to the acquisition, culminating in my role as the new owner.”

I understand you’re a hairdresser and makeup artist by trade, and founded Hair, Beauty, Life Co (formally Hair on the Move 2 U) 16 years ago – a business now set to merge with Purely Polished. What are some of the key learnings from your career thus far you’ll take into your new role with Purely Polished?

“Founding Hair on the Move at 23, I developed a passion for entrepreneurship. Learning from the challenges of building a brand, managing growth, and adapting to adversity, I bring a wealth of experience to PP. Key lessons [I’ll carry through to PP] include [knowing how to make] strategic investment decisions, [knowing how to] adapt to change, and [to practise an] unwavering dedication to the end goal.”

New Purely Polished owner Lyndle Bryan
Lyndle Bryan

What drew you to a role at Purely Polished? 

“Having built Hair Beauty Life Co over many years, I sought to integrate it seamlessly with PP. Recognising the platform’s potential and aligning it with my future plans made this opportunity a perfect fit. The timing was opportune for a strategic merger that could elevate both businesses.” 

Former Purely Polished owner Iman Davamoni expressed concern in this 2021 interview with Professional Beauty over the losses incurred by the business as a result of COVID-19 lockdowns. Over two years on, how is the business’ financial recovery going?

“Both businesses are on a path to recovery after facing setbacks from the pandemic. The acquisition has provided clarity on the way forward. With a more defined strategy and plans for rebranding, I am confident in steering both businesses towards sustained growth.”

In a recent LinkedIn post, you stated “we will be working on a comprehensive rebranding strategy, aligning our identity more closely with our renewed ethos.” You also indicated the business was to “focus on wellness.” Do you anticipate a drop in beauty offerings and/or bookings in 2024?

“Anticipating a heightened focus on wellness, I envision offering more comprehensive packages alongside individual services. The goal is to create a holistic approach to beauty, aligning with evolving customer preferences and the broader industry trend towards wellness.”

Purely Polished continues to offer virtual beauty and wellness classes. Will you continue this offering in the near future?

“The continuation of virtual classes is a foreseeable offering, particularly with the growing emphasis on wellness. Expanding our online presence aligns with our commitment to providing accessible and diverse services.”

“The goal is to create a holistic approach to beauty, aligning with evolving customer preferences and the broader industry trend towards wellness.” 

We’ve seen the likes of Jim’s Beauty and other mobile beauty and wellness services boom in recent years. What makes Purely Polished stand out from its competitors?

PP stands out due to its large number of registered providers across Australia, with plans to increase this number further. The merger strengthens our position in the market, emphasising ethical practices, quality service providers, and a business-in-a-box solution for our professionals.”

What are some of the current and upcoming incentives Purely Polished offers to beauty professionals on the books?

“While specific details are yet to be disclosed, our strategy involves empowering providers with more control over their businesses on our platform. We aim to offer support and networking opportunities, especially within our corporate spaces, to enhance their portfolios and industry connections.”

Beauty professionals can sign up to Purely Polished here.

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