Lendan’s 50th Anniversary

This year, skin and hair care company Lendan is celebrating 50 years in the cosmetics industry.

Celebrating its 50th Anniversary in October this year, Lendan is a leading Spanish-based cosmetics brand focused on the research, development, manufacturing, marketing and distribution of professional products for hairdressers and estheticians.

Lendan’s founder, Dr Ramiro Gimenez Labrador who heads Lendan’s Research and Development team, studied chemistry at the University of Barcelona and was the assistant-investigator at the Organic Chemistry Cathedra. Along with an extensive list of credentials, Dr Labrador has participated in national and international conventions and has published several works of investigation.

Lendan’s founding motto is 'Research Creates the Future', and it's this philosophy that enables the continual development of the its skin, body and hair care products available for the professional beauty industry.

Staying true to its motto, during the last 50 years Lendan has produced a myriad of products across its hair and skin care divisions. Lendan’s well-known Spa Green Tea range incorporates ancestral massage rituals, such as the figure-sculpting bamboo massage and the Chinese balls stimulating massage. The range offers estheticians and massage therapists a wealth of green tea benefits already used in ancient China for over 4,000 years.

Lendan’s hair care division uses anti-ageing skin care formulations to produce professional hair care products. Lendan is the first company to introduce the Lilac Dust-Free Lightening Powder that produces radiant and luminous blondes in a reduced time, while still respecting the hair shaft, resulting in ultra-soft healthy hair.

Contact: Lendan 1800 536 326.


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