Eve Taylor tours Down Under

Eve Taylor and Marie Reynolds recently attended an IICA education and sales promotion tour of Australia.

Eve Taylor and International Head of Education Marie Reynolds have recently returned from an extensive IICA (International Institute of Clinical Aromatherapy) education and sales promotion tour of Australia lecturing to some of the countries leading beauty colleges.

The tour covered the key cities of Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Perth, with several colleges visited, including the Elly Lukas School in Melbourne, and Ella Bache and Fuss schools in Sydney.

“With our sales increasing in Australia via our office based in Perth supported by a growing sales and education network across the whole country, it was great to meet so many customers as well as lecturers and their students. We are looking forward to coming back in 2011 to reinforce our brand commitment to Australia and our growing program of education classes” said Taylor.

Contact: Eve Taylor 1300 127 045.


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