How to Decide Which Products to Use in Your Facials

How many facials do you offer at your skincare business?

If you can admit to less than five, ten even, it would be considered an abnormality.

With the ever-growing list of resources skin therapists have access to, it’s no wonder service menus are lengthening to compensate. Just as the needs of our skin changes, so too does the number of treatments made readily available designed to treat every scar, shadow and blemish we come across.

In line with such scientific advantages is client know-how. Demand for highly effective, targeted products is on the rise, whereby many won’t settle for anything but the best results possible. 

Also in demand is a desire for Australian made products. Events of the last few years, such as natural disasters and a worldwide pandemic, have seen an increase in public appreciation for local business. Australian skincare brands have been at the forefront of innovation, utilising natural and synthetic ingredients sourced right here at home. Even more impressive still are the results such ingredients are yielding for their customers. 

It’s safe to say that with so much choice in products and brands comes a modern dilemma for the beauty business owner – what is best to use during a facial?

In an attempt to narrow down the options, salon owners could consider looking out for the following when choosing a brand to stock:

  • An extensive list of SKUs with products directly targeting specific skin concerns;
  • A brand with a strong reputation of delivering results for their clients;
  • Products that are locally made as a means of supporting the local economy, as well as utilising the best of what the Australian earth has to offer;
  • A brand that also manufactures a viable retail offering;
  • A brand that will ensure beauty therapists feel adequately supported with modern training.

Ultraderm is one such brand ticking all the right boxes.

Below, Ultraderm founder Pauline Valle helps take the guesswork out of choosing the right products to use for your facials:

In three words, what should a beauty business owner look out for when choosing a skincare brand for their salon?

“Results, Value, Retail-friendly.”

True or false: the products used in a facial need to match the style in which the facial is performed. Why or why not?

“True to a certain extent. For example, a cosmeceutical skincare line when paired with a results-focused treatment means the higher level of actives in the products used to support the procedure will help to maintain and enhance the results achieved.” 

Ultraderm stocks multiple skincare lines, from Karma to Clear. What distinguishes one skincare line over another?

“The products are all part of the Ultraderm family with each line being able to be used together in a skincare routine. The name of the line indicates what its skincare focus is. For example, Skin Clear is recommended for problematic blemished skin, and Skin Renew is for skins that are concerned with age management. Skin Karma is for delicate skin conditions.”

Ultraderm Skin Karma line

What advantages do the business owner and their clientele have in utilising an Australian made brand in their back bar?

“More and more clients are wanting to support local Australian brands. Australian brands often provide better value for money, thoroughly understand the most common skin conditions of the particular locale, often have better customisation and customer service support. Although all brands can and do source ingredients worldwide, Australian made brands will also make use of locally produced ingredients which may be unique to Australia and support small batch manufacturers as well.” 

What should a business look out for when electing a retail skincare brand to stock?

“It should be the right fit for their clientele and demographic. It should offer a high level of value, salon support, and be attune to business owner needs and be able to meet them.”

Pauline Valle

What are the advantages of using and stocking products containing long-standing, researched actives over products containing newer, ‘trendy’ ingredients?

“Long standing ingredient actives are tried-and-true, and if used consistently we know get the best results over time.” 

What are some of the key things you look for in a potential Ultraderm stockist?

“Professional skin therapists who have a keen interest in skin and want to achieve the best outcomes for their clients; stockists who want to grow their businesses.”

To stock Ultraderm at your beauty business, contact 1300 660 297.

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