Devices: Derma Aesthetics Talks Medical Microneedling

Skincare devices and skin formulations are constantly evolving in the market. Anita Quade chats to Lisa Paone, Head of Education at Derma Aesthetics, about the EXCEED Medical Microneedling device and what we can expect in the year ahead.

Tell us about your latest technology advancement on the market?

“Derma Aesthetics are the Australasian distributors of the EXCEED Medical Microneedling device by amiea med, proven to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and treat scarring among a vast array of skin conditions presented in clinic. The device comes equipped with all global certifications including: TGA Class 2 medical device, FDA Class 2b medical device, Medsafe, ISO and CE.

Along with the device itself, the sterile needle cartridges are TGA certified which means you are working with a microneedling device (and needle cartridges) that is safe and effective.

The sterile needle cartridges are unique in that they are designed with a tilting needle plate that adapts to the surface of the skin resulting in perpendicular needle insertions, thus reducing epidermal trauma. They are also created with a safety membrane to prevent backflow of liquids, ensuring no risk of contamination to the hand piece. It can be operated at a frequency of up to 150 hertz – having the capacity to create up to 900 micro channels per second! The EXCEED Medical Microneedling device undergoes the most stringent of testing to ensure accuracy, quiet running and client comfort.”

What do you see as some of the biggest changes in the technology device sector over the past five years? 

“Medical microneedling provides the operator with an effective skin treatment modality that works with the skin and not against it. In recent years we have seen a shift in how the skin is treated, with many clients and clinicians looking for skincare treatment modalities that
are less ablative, abrasive and basically, less painful!

Although these treatments are still readily available, clients are more informed about their skin health and are understanding the benefits of working with treatment modalities that focus on rebuilding as opposed to removing. Microneedling is the perfect option for clients wanting to achieve results without prolonged downtime. A safe yet incredibly effective treatment, regular microneedling treatments are the ideal way to manage skin conditions without creating unnecessary damage to the skin barrier.

We see that the future of skincare is based on a repair principle and working with formulations and treatment modalities that are designed to target replenishment of the skin and the rebuilding of structural integrity from the outside in.”

For salons that invest in your device what education and support are they offered?

“Derma Aesthetics are the leaders in microneedling education and to ensure effective educational connections, we have created several strategies that will support our EXCEED partners with their education requirements.

Our Education Hub – an online education portal, designed to support the success of our partners via educational courses that can be completed anytime and anywhere. Our EXCEED Medical Microneedling course contains both theoretical and practical components including assessments to support best practices and treatment outcomes.

Not only is our EXCEED Medical Microneedling device course focused on the treatment itself, but we share in-depth education surrounding the anatomy and physiology of the skin so that you can have full confidence in creating the best treatment pathway for your clients.

Alongside our online education, practical education is provided in each state several times throughout the year to get hands-on with EXCEED and to perfect your skills in treating a vast array of skin conditions. Your dedicated Business Development Manager will also provide in clinic education to support your continued growth.”

How can salons ensure that they get a great return on investment? 

“Prior to the launch of any new treatment, care must be taken to help maximise your return on investment. These steps can be transferred to any NEW modality and are as follows –

• Before launching the treatment, do your research! Check out what others are charging for the treatment in your location and ensure your pricing is on par. Take into consideration the quality of your device, the time you have taken to implement the device, any training you have completed away from your business, along with any additional business running costs – Don’t undercharge!
• Create a launch promotion and market the new treatment well, utilise internal marketing and social media – use your database! Work with your Derma Aesthetic Business Development Manager to create a launch event that will excite your clients and also offer a promotion for the launch.
• Knowledge is power! Ensure each of your team members have completed training and are confident in the treatment itself and understand the treatment USP’s. To further support the success of the launch, add an internal treatment focus for the team. This could be coupled with a team incentive for the team member who sells the most during the launch period.
• Promote packages instead of single treatments to encourage rebooking for best results and better return on investment.”

This is a cut-down version of an article that originally appeared in the September-October 2022 print issue of Professional Beauty.

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