Imagine harnessing dermal filler technology in a topical application that can be used day and night to produce visible results. 

TEOXANE Laboratories developed TEOXANE Cosmeceuticals to capture the essence of dermal filler technology in a bottle. This potent hyaluronic acid-based product range uses TEOXANE’s patented RHA resilient hyaluronic acid dermal filler technology to provide a complete anti-ageing skincare regime. 

RHA resilient hyaluronic acid is a patented crossed-linked HA that creates a moisture-rich protective barrier on the skin. The RHA resilient hyaluronic acid technology actively forms a “hydration net” to trap moisture, preventing skin dehydration or trans-epidermal water loss. This porous, breathable mesh allows the gradual release of active ingredients into the skin to help effectively reduce the appearance of fine lines and age spots, smooth skin tone and texture, and enhance volume. 

The range includes the Perfect Skin Refiner, Advanced Filler, RHA Serum, Deep Repair Balm, and R [II] Eyes.


Each product in the range is formulated with RHA resilient hyaluronic acid in conjunction with other core active ingredients, including Dermo-Restructuring Complex (DRC) – a cocktail of three antioxidants, eight amino acids, two minerals and vitamin B6 to help protect and revitalise skin, as well as Novhyal, a natural constituent of hyaluronic acid to aid skin regeneration. 

Designed to give optimal hydration to help protect and plump the skin, TEOXANE Cosmeceuticals balance the benefits of luxurious skincare with the rigour of medical science to produce clinically proven products that deliver visible results. Although it was originally developed as a professional skincare range to work in synergy with advanced aesthetic procedures, the cosmetic benefits of TEOXANE Cosmeceuticals are now incorporated into a complete daily homecare regime. 

TEOXANE Cosmeceuticals use a unique approach to skin hydration, which is likened to dermal filler in a bottle. The range is specifically formulated with active ingredients to intensely hydrate and repair while targeting specific areas of concern. 

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