Can You Guarantee ROI with cosmelan? Insights from mesoestetic’s Global Product Manager

Despite the various avenues open to take in the treatment of pigmentation, no one solution is considered a holy grail.

The skin condition itself is multifaceted. When melanin is produced excessively, it causes hyperpigmentation, which manifests as darker spots of skin. This can be influenced by the sun, hormonal changes, and particular medications*. For skin professionals, sourcing the best modalities with which to treat hyperpigmentation can be a challenge.

One such topical treatment offering, however, has for years been revered as a standout choice. cosmelan® was first introduced as an in-clinic treatment in 2002. Since then, over a million clients worldwide are said to have experienced the treatment, administered by a network of professionals in the thousands.

According to Mari Carmen Vaquero, Global Product Manager at mesoestetic, cosmelan is able to treat all types of dark spots triggered by various factors (such as hormonal, genetic, blemishes, post-depilation, and so on) and that are worsened by sun exposure.

cosmelan by mesoestetic

Unlike other hyperpigmentation treatments in the market, cosmelan is not categorised as a traditional chemical peel. “cosmelan is a method that combines the synergy of a professional protocol and a home protocol, along with an innovative formula containing highly efficient ingredients resulting in a unique and dual action,” Mari explains. “It treats existing dark spots for a short-term result, while providing a visible corrective action on the appearance of future pigmentation for a long-term result.”

Mari says cosmelan partners can be confident in their return of their investment due to several factors: “firstly, the high level of client satisfaction with the results obtained strengthens loyalty towards the aesthetic professional and the aesthetic centre. This level of satisfaction ensures the client’s continuity at the centre, fostering trust in the professional for future skincare treatments.”

In 2023, mesoestetic launched dermamelan intimate to treat the pigmentation of intimate areas. Read more on that here.

“Moreover, the cosmelan method involves the use of complementary products that the client purchases at the clinic to maintain the treatment at home and support results in the long term. This ongoing need for these products contributes to generating additional income for the aesthetic centre.”

The treatment is also considered time and cost efficient for the business owner, as clients are only required in-clinic once with any follow-ups determined by the professional.

To learn more on cosmelan, contact mesoestetic’s Australian distributor AC Skin Group here.

*Thawabteh, Amin Mahmood et al. “Skin Pigmentation Types, Causes and Treatment-A Review.” Molecules (Basel, Switzerland) vol. 28,12 4839. 18 Jun. 2023, doi:10.3390/molecules28124839

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