Salon Profile: 4 Staff Members on Their Experiences at Venustus

When Jeannie Bourke broke ground at her new space for Venustus after operating her space next door for 32 years she channeled her 40 years experience in the industry. She chats to Anita Quade about her goal to provide her clients with an elevated experience and a private environment. Her revolutionary pods are where she believes her clients are in their most sacred, loving and secure space. We also chat to her therapists who she has personally trained in all forms of massage and facial treatments about their favourite part of working on the team.

“When we broke ground, I knew exactly what to do. We needed to create an architectural Crystal Grid to land our new space. Working with crystals for over four decades, the coordinates of north, south, east and west was the obvious starting point. So that’s what is sitting beneath the building – a sacred grid of crystals buried into the earth. The opportunity for healing begins the moment a client’s feet touch the floor.” – Jeannie Bourke.

“I just love being in service. Helping clients physically and emotionally and love sharing my experiences and decades of knowledge to clients. Now I am assisting Jeannie to help design new treatments which I love doing with Jeannie, keeping me inspired and evolved. Such an honour.” – Haruko.

“We then worked energetically up from the ground, choosing the most ancient material of all – metal – a 5,000 kilogram and over three-metre high staircase. It works as a direct portal to the sunt he moon and water catchment sitting directly above the space.” – Jeannie Bourke.

“My decades at Venustus are filled with invaluable lessons, the most profound realisation for me is the unwavering commitment to never giving up – not on ourselves, not on each other, especially when faced with challenges. Through thick and thin, we stand united, offering unwavering support and assistance. Our shared purpose remains constant: to provide our clients with nothing short of an exceptional experience.” – Fleur.

“It’s the vastness, emptiness and impressiveness that is our version of wholehearted luxury. We feel people need space to retreat from this sometimes, confronting world. When a client is in their pod, they really are in the most sacred, loving and secure of spaces, wrapped in a cone of ancient metal.” – Jeannie Bourke.

“My favourite treatment is the Osaka to Sydney Facial. The massage begins with lithos hot rocks used to soften facial and neck muscles. We then use Japanese facial lifting technique to give contour and more deeply release tension, especially around the jaw. It’s the winning combination!” – Isobel.

This article originally appeared in the Autumn 2024 print issue of Professional Beauty.

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