4 Insights into the Future of ultraderm

ultraderm is leading the charge for ‘well-ageing’ skincare that promotes the celebration of natural skin. The brand’s founder, Pauline Valle, chats to Anita Quade and reveals insights into their unique formula innovations, hero ingredients, and the future of Australian skincare.

Tell us about your formula innovations and your target audience.

“Our range uses active ingredients such as Glycolic Acid, Salicylic Acid, Retinol, Niacinamide, Vitamin C, and also includes a variety of peptides. Products that include these would be Skin Renew Active Night Repair, Skin Renew Moisturiser with Tri-peptides, Rapid Retinol Concentrate, IntenC Serum and Absolute B Serum.

Our target audience is over [the age of] 25 years-old. We cater to anyone who wants smoother, more radiant, healthy looking skin no matter what age they are. Our skincare is designed to help gently but effectively improve skin appearance, increase radiance and smooth fine lines and wrinkles.”

Pauline Valle says our industry can only benefit from working together.

How do you see the future of skincare in the next five years?

“We are seeing the shift from the concept of anti-aging to one of well-ageing, and skincare companies are paying attention to that and formulating products to meet this demographic change. We also see the development of more self-care products and treatments designed for home use, that complement salon treatments. 

Another trend we see is the ‘skinification of hair and scalp’, which is treating the hair and scalp with the ingredients we know work to promote a healthy complexion and extending the skincare routine to these areas, over and above routine shampoo and conditioner application. There is the also continuing development of new skincare ingredients, complexes and delivery systems to treat a myriad of skin, scalp and hair concerns.” 

ultraderm’s Rapid Retinol Concentrate

What is one of the hero ingredients in skincare currently?

“Definitely Vitamin A, as it is the gold standard for age management, acne and cellular repair.  

Start with one new product at a time if you are prone to sensitivity and follow the instructions, especially if they recommend use on alternate days, gradually building up your tolerance and use at night only. Use a sunscreen daily to protect your skin. We would recommend the products in either of our ultra mini packs. For example, for a mature skin concerned with age management the products would be Skin Renew Cleanser, Skin Karma Hydration Toner, Skin Renew Moisturiser with Tri-peptides, Face & Body Polishing Cream, Daily Protector Tinted Base + Moisturiser SPF30.”

ultraderm’s Skin Renew Active Night Repair

Tell us your plans for the brand in 2023.

“To finish our skincare re-branding project, and to keep moving forward to grow our business with innovative new products and assisting our partner salons to grow and achieve their goals.”

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