Pelactiv: new innovations in Vitamin A skincare

When clients asked for a Vitamin A treatment system, Pelactiv delivered what they believe to be one of the most advanced, effective, active and results-driven product ranges.  The difference?  There is no ‘downtime’ with dry, flaky skin, red patches and irritation.  The Pelactiv Vitamin A Advanced Treatment System offers maximum results plus the advantage of […]

ESK launches serum 20 times more superior than retinol

Pioneering the beauty industry with their evidence-based approach to skincare formulations, ESK – Evidence Skincare has introduced two varying strengths of retinal-based evening face serums: Ultimate A (0.06%) and Ultimate A+ (0.1%). Retinal is the third stage in the retinoic acid conversion process and performs closest to prescription retinoic acid at combatting the physical signs […]

To Retinol, Or Not To Retinol?

It’s the celeb ingredient of the skincare industry, but should retinol always be your anti-ageing go-to solution?


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