It can be tricky when it comes to offering suitable products to male clients. Male skin is thicker, and deals with more trauma through shaving than a woman’s facial skin does. With that in mind, it’s beneficial to have male-specific products on hand. 

26’ Deep Ocean Alchemy comes through with the goods. The products are made with sustainable ingredients, straight from the coastal waters of Australia. The concentrated Kelp Complex + sea kelp resides 26’ below sea level, where it feeds off and soaks up the minerals, vitamins and amino acids that prosper at that depth. During wild winter storms, the kelp dislodges and washes up on the shores of King Island and the west coast of Tasmania, where the brand sustainably harvests it by hand, before treating and milling it into the potent powder they use in their products.

“We’ve researched and sourced pure ingredients dedicated particularly to the overall health of men’s skin,” says a representative of the brand. “Exposed to harsh environmental stressors and lifestyle choices, men’s skin can often be left dehydrated and distressed. At 26’ Deep, our products are formulated with ingredients that work. Water is often used by other brands as a base ingredient and whilst being nature’s source of hydration, it can be stripping and do more harm than good to the sensitive skin of the face.”



The face cleanser harnesses the power of Australian macadamia nut oil and Tasmanian sea kelp extract, ensuring skin is not only cleansed, but also soothed and softened. To combat the environmental stressors and lifestyle factors men’s skin faces on a daily basis, 26’ Deep chose to incorporate aloe vera juice as a key ingredient in the base of their Men’s Face Wash. As a natural moisturiser it is able to replenish the skin deeply and thoroughly as it aids in the treatment of acne and inflammation. The ideal choice for skin easily irritated and frequently exposed to the sun.

The Men’s Facial Moisturiser is infused with jojoba oil and finger lime extract in order to rehydrate, smooth and moisturise the skin. Bursting with anti-aging properties, these natural ingredients also improve the clarity and aid in reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. 26’ Deep harnesses the power of coffee and seaweed extract to help stimulate the skin and provide a powerful antioxidant boost that protects the skin from the daily environment and the harmful factors that come with it, including pollution and UV rays.

Combining high-quality jojoba oil and macadamia nut oil, 26’ Deep’s Men’s Shave Gel lubricates the skin to ensure a close and comfortable shave every time. Featuring all-natural ingredients, including aloe vera juice, seaweed extract and olive leaf extract, this shave gel doesn’t strip the skin but instead is able to intensely hydrate, all while leaving the skin feeling fresh and smooth.

Rich in trace minerals, vitamins and amino acids, the brand incorporates Tasmania sea kelp into its formulations for its antioxidant properties and known abilities to provide free radical scavenging benefits for the skin – reducing the risk of further cell damage when grooming.


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