The three golden rules for hiring junior staff

Ask a salon owner the most stressful part of their job, and chances are they’ll tell you choosing the right staff keeps them up at night.

You want someone who is a genius with a wax strip, sure, but you also want someone that clients are going to love spending time with, is honest and gets on with the rest of your staff. That’s a lot of boxes for one person to tick.

Here’s the tried-and-tested strategies to make sure your new hire becomes a long-loved member of staff. 

Always be recruiting
Want to know what makes the hiring process even more stressful? Starting the search when an existing staffer hands in their notice, or when you realise you’re too busy to get by with the staff you have.

For this reason, you need to always be on the look out for potential hires. A simple way to do this is to add a “Join our team” Instagram story saved to your highlights. Use it to outline your salon’s core values and team spirits. You’ll be surprised how often you’re contacted. Keep a shortlist and keep it updated.

Go with your gut
Sometimes the need to fill a role silences the voice in your head telling you a candidate isn’t the right fit. Listen to the voice! You’ll save yourself hassle in the long-run if you wait until your completely sure about the candidate – otherwise chances are you’ll be looking to replace the replacement within months. Of course, checking candidates’ references is also a non-negotiable when it comes to validating that voice in your head.

Stand by your principles
This is your salon. You’ve got your blood, sweat, and tears invested in this dream. As such, the buck stops with you. Resist the urge to break your core values in order to satisfy your staff. If one of your staff members wants to negotiate terms of their employment that you’re uncomfortable with, be confident enough to say no. It may not be the popular decision, but it will most likely be the decision you’re happiest with.


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