Skincare Trend Alert: Multi-Masking

It may sound weird, but the latest craze to hit the beauty stratosphere has serious clinical roots.


If you’re reading this and you’re a woman, you know what multi-tasking is. Chances are, you’re simultaneously performing 17 other tasks right now.

And while researchers and – let’s face it – men, have tried to poo-poo the efficacy of doing more than one thing at a time (they’re just jealous), juggling lots of metaphorical balls at once can have serious benefits when it comes to the skin.

A new beauty craze deemed ‘multi-masking’ sees skincare enthusiasts mixing it up by applying several different masks to their face in combination, and, when you think about the logic behind this strategy, it’s pure genius. Essentially a DIY form of product combining or customisation, the theory behind multi-masking is something beauty therapists and dermatologists have been doing since the beginning of the salon.

Japanese skincare brand, Boscia launched a multi-masking kit a few years ago that’s gained popularity on social media (with the hashtag #multimasking) in the past year thanks to our increasing fascination with Korean beauty and its specific its focus on customisation and product combining.

Japanese skincare brand Boscia's suggestions for using their cult multi-making kit. (
Japanese skincare brand Boscia’s suggestions for using their cult multi-making kit. (

By using up to four different facial masks at once, multi-masking allows you to target specific areas of concern and is particularly ideal for combination skin types who tend to experience contradictory conditions in different areas of their face.

And while many major skincare companies are rushing to pull out their own customisable face mask kits in response to this trend, results can easily be replicated by simply using the variety of various masks you have on hand, and it can be done by either applying one mask after another, and rinsing off in between (best suited to the non-time-strapped) or by applying several different masks to different parts of the face all at once.

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