Here comes the client…

There are many things a bride preps for her wedding day, but arguably the most important one of all – her skin – is often neglected. Here are the top three things you can teach your bridal clients for achieving a clear complexion on the big day…

1. Keep it natural 

In the weeks leading up to your client’s big day, get them in the habit of religiously practicing an at-home skincare regime. Focus on natural and nourishing ingredients to cleanse, treat and repair to avoid any surprises for clients with potentially sensitive skin (pre-wedding stress can also cause non-sensitive skin types to become more sensitive, so it’s best to err on the side of caution).

2. Encourage a healthy lifestyle

Encourage your client to engage in lots of clean eating, exersize and fresh water consumption in the months before they walk down the aisle in order to cleanse toxins that can lead to surprise wedding day breakouts. Additionally, naturopath Shelley Atkin recommends supplements to boost skin health.

“Internal supplements should contain natural ingredients to support the skin by helping to foster healthy hormone balance, such as the liver herb Burdock and vitamins B6 and A, which are important in maintaining overall skin health.”

3. Educate them about the skin-stress connection

Every therapist worth her weight in skincare knows about the damaging effects of stress when it comes to the skin, but few clients realise those sleepless nights spent worrying about guest lists and seating charts can result in a major wedding day skin blow out, so take the time to educate your pre-bridal clients on the role of stress and skin conditions like acne, inflammation, sensitivities, dullness and everything else anxiety can contribute to.

The best thing you can do to ensure your bridal client’s skin health – besides seeing them for regular pre-wedding facials – is encourage them to engage in de-stressing activities like yoga and meditation, so when the wedding day arrives and the best man is late, she’ll be saying ‘omm’ instead of frantically trying to cover a face full of stress pimples.

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