Oprah’s skin guru lights the way

LED light treatments can be more effective at treating ‘skin ageing’ than aggressive treatments such as laser or IPL, according to Canadian ‘skin guru’ Jennifer Brodeur.

Jennifer, who has been treating Oprah with LED lights for six years and Michelle Obama for four, believes that women can “maintain healthy skin and prevent visible ageing” with regular “four-to six-weekly use of an effective LED light system”.

“LED works by helping the body heal itself,” she says.

“The results can be outstanding and superior if used correctly according to skin type and condition.”

However, despite her belief, Jennifer, the founder of JB Skin Guru, readily acknowledges “the public, and the industry, are reluctant to just use LED light as they have all succumbed to the ‘if it doesn’t hurt, it doesn’t work’ mentality”.

Speaking at the International Dermaviduals Symposium in Sydney, Jennifer said the demand for instant gratification in the beauty industry is almost impossible to meet.

“People having a LED light treatment don’t normally start seeing results until about the fourth session but they do get an instant glow after the first,” she said.

In addition, LED is “noninvasive and non-ablative so all skin types and conditions can benefit”.

“LED is safe for everyone,” she said.

“At worst if the wrong program is used results will be non-apparent.”

Jennifer, who launched the Max+ LED device into the US  in 2003 and Australia two years later, says the device wasn’t “the first in the market” but it was the first to feature “three different light elements that could be used together in the one treatment”.

JB Skin Guru founder Jennifer Brodeur

“Max+ was the first device to work with polychromatic treatments. We updated his brain in 2010, however the rest is still the same.”

She stresses that LED should be used by almost everyone as part of “a basic skincare regime” but warns that some LED devices can be dangerous.

“I am concerned that some of the cheap unregulated home care devices available readily on the internet could do irreparable damage to people’s skin, largely due to the heat they generate and the incorrect wavelengths.

“I am worried some of the acne ones may be in the UV spectrum.”

Apart from Max+, JB Skin Guru also distributes Peoni skincare which has been listed as one of Oprah’s ‘Favorite Things’ in O magazine.

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