Inika rides high on natural growth curve

Inika Organic sales grew 42 percent across Australia and by more than 52 percent globally last year, according to local distributor Total Beauty Network.

Speaking at TBN’s annual sales conference, CEO Tony Rechtman said “a really revamped look” was one of the key drivers behind the “phenomenal sales results”.

“We elevated the sophistication of our key brand images, including three different personalities across our main beauty visuals,” he said.

“We invested heavily in eye-catching and functional point-of-sale and salon displays and elevated our PR and partnerships programs to the point where we are now being contacted daily by wonderful like-minded influencers, from all over the world, who want to work closely with us.”

He said the company also launched “some truly innovative, globally leading products” such as its new Long Lash Vegan Mascara and Certified Organic Liquid Eyeliner which “outperform all others in the market” although “mascara and liquid eyeliner are two of the most notoriously difficult natural products to get right especially when it comes to performance and pigmentation”.

TBN CEO Tony Rechtman

“This strong innovation across our formula categories has seen us enjoy huge uptake in all markets,” he continued.

Inika, which currently exports to the US, UK, Europe (including Sweden, Poland, Germany, Belgium, Spain, Iceland, Italy, France and Hungary), New Zealand as well as “across Asia”, expects 2018 to be “a year of awareness” for the brand internationally.

“We have expanded rapidly into several key markets and we plan to support and enhance our positioning in each of these regions with innovative new product launches, unique and authentic marketing campaigns as well as premium customer service to all of our customers,” said Tony.

Locally the company plans to continue interacting with its existing customers ‒ and drive many into salons.

“The influencer and social media space has become an integral part of our success,” he explained.

“We intend to keep interacting and engaging with our community online, listening to what they have to say and what is important to them.”

He added that salons were also “central” to the brand.

“In 2018 we intend to put a sizeable amount of energy into driving more consumers into salon doors, not only to discover Inika Organic but also to build their own relationships with owners and staff. Keep an eye out for a huge campaign tailored to individual salon owners that is designed to increase service bookings in-store.”

Inika’s growth was not however TBN’s only sales success last year.

Tony also told conference attendees that the company experienced 28 percent growth overall and that its three other brands also impressed:

Raww Cosmetics “has been met with extraordinary success after its launch into pharmacy and health channels in late 2017” with some retailers reporting that products were “flying of the shelves” and others “selling out completely in 24 hours”, while Designer Brands “enjoyed double digit growth across pharmacy” and Colour by TBN “experienced 54 percent growth”.

“This conference marks the beginning of our most important year ever,” he concluded.

“We’ve set the stage for TBN brands to continue taking over the world and we couldn’t be more thrilled to see the tremendous market-leading growth we experienced in 2017.

“We are absolutely going to top those results again in 2018.”


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