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We talk to Irene Falcone, founder of organic e-tailer, Nourished Life, about how her organic blog turned into a beauty empire. 


Irene Falcone started Nourished Life after her blog on organic and natural beauty took off.
Irene Falcone started Nourished Life after her blog on organic and natural beauty took off.


What made you decide to start Nourished Life? 

The decision to launch the shop was out of my hands. I started with a blog that reviewed natural and organic beauty products over four years ago when this trend had only just started. The consumer reaction was huge and the demand just grew and grew!

What does Nourished Life offer? 

Nourished Life is a one-stop destination for advice and products for living a more toxin-free and healthy life. I’ve turned my passion into my profession to make a difference in the lives of Australian consumers.

You haven’t always been in the organic beauty industry…

I actually started my career in the marketing department of major cosmetic brands. The first half of my 15 year corporate career was dominated by all things beauty – I have been a beauty addict for most of my life!

What has been your most challenging moment so far?

The most challenging thing about Nourished Life has been getting the hang of the logistics side of everything. When Nourished Life first started, I was still working in corporate and I left all the logistics to a 3rd party fulfilment centre, but I soon realised this left me with no control over delivery times and presentation. So I decided to set up and run my own warehouse. This has been up and running for almost a year now and sales have more than doubled.

What types of people buy from Nourished Life?

Our core customers are women like myself; women with children who want to educate themselves and their families about the natural alternative to mainstream products. This is why I put so much time into social media and the blog, because it is how I can best communicate with my community to know what they need and want.


Irene Falcone has been a beauty buff her whole career, her first 12 years were in marketing for a big beauty corporation.
Irene Falcone says she has been a beauty addict her whole career (and most of her life!).


What are your top tips for making life less toxic?

I always recommend switching those items that cover the large areas of your body first so you right away start minimising the potential for chemical absorption. Then start replacing everything else as they run out.

What does being named a finalist in the Telstra New South Wales Business Women’s Awards mean to you?

It is great to know I’m on the right track. I knew that Nourished Life was doing something really great for our beautiful community, but this recognition has been such a wonderful privilege, which I get to share.

Do you have any tips for women wanting to start their own business?

Follow your passion, and trust your gut. Lack of budget, experience, or mum duties shouldn’t get in the way if it is your life’s calling!



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