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Do you feel as though you might implode with all the pressure? Dr Darren Weissman’s Ignite tour in early 2016 could help fire up the positive thinking and get you (and your business) back on track. 


Dr Darren Weissman knows all about the power of positive thinking
Dr Darren Weissman knows all about the power of positive thinking


Internationally renowned holistic physician Dr Darren Weissman, is bringing his Ignite tour to Australia and New Zealand in February and March next year.

Well-respected for his work as a positive thinking speaker, educator and developer of The LifeLine Technique (a “philosophy, science, and quantum technology that bridges gaps between the conscious and subconscious mind,” says Dr Weissman), Dr Weissman is also a best-selling author of books such as The Power of Infinite Love & Gratitude and Awakening to the Secret Code of Your Mind. 

The Ignite tour will be held in Sydney (20 Feb), Melbourne (21 Feb) and Adelaide (1 March) and is aimed at shifting negative thinking of destructive behaviour into “inner peace, clarity and purpose”. A day with Dr Weissman promises to get you processing emotions faster, and ditching anxiety and stress.

“The single most important thing a human being can learn is how to process emotion!” says the US-based Dr Darren Weissman.


Nothing is more important than positive thinking, says Dr Weissman.
It’s important to shift negative thoughts and destructive behaviour into inner peace, says Dr Weissman.


Dealing with stress, anxiety and negative thinking is particularly important in a busy salon or clinic, where emotions can crop up out of the blue (or, ok, after a particularly tricky client). This education day will teach you how to do a two-minute exercise to help you reconnect to your confident inner self. Dr Weissman will also impart his two “golden rules”, which promise to shift fearful patterns into love. You’ll also learn how to manifest fulfilling relationships and opportunities, as well as process subconscious emotions that will improve your “ability to learn, heal, and spiritually grow”.

But it’s not all emotional, Dr Weissman will also demonstrate how to enhance your immune system, balance hormones, improve digestion and decrease pain. Seriously, there is barely a reasons not to go…


Dr Darren Weissman, physician, best selling author and motivational speaker.
Dr Darren Weissman, holistic physician, best-selling author and developer of the LifeLine Technique will be in Australia in early 2016.


If you’re still not convinced, perhaps this endorsement from a Ignite goer will: “Toxic emotions can cause disease. It is very important to process emotions regularly.”

Here’s a video about the Ignite tour. Watch and be inspired.



To book one of Dr Weissman’s Ignite seminars, go here and click for your city. If you book early, you’ll save $100 on ticket prices. Just add IGNITE to the promotional code section.


For more information, contact Diane MsCann Mathews on 0400 371 994 or




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