ViVid Nails First Charity Comp

ViVid Nails have held their first charity competition raising a total of $1167.09.

Liliya Saxon is ViVid Nails charity competition winner

ViVid Nails have had 20 entries from all over the world and were pleasantly surprised when people donated even when not competing.

“We also had many competitors who donated more than the required $15 entry free. We were amazed by everyone’s generosity,” Viv Simmonds, director of ViVid Nails says.

Hanae Seki is the runner up of Vivid Nails charity competition

The winner is Liliya Saxon and the runner up is Hanae Seki. ViVid Nails’ next charity competition has commenced with Asthma Association as the selected charity. The theme is ‘puff’.

For more information on ViVid Nails and its charity competition visit

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