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Another day, another dreamy nail design your clients will be going crazy for. This time it’s geode nails, with the mesmerising designs making up about 70% of our Instagram feed. But you won’t find any complaints here, because this trend has got to be one of the prettiest (and possibly most technical) that we’ve ever seen.

Originally inspired by the jaw droppingly amazing lip designs New York-based artist Johannah Adams created, the geode lip trend takes just as much patience and technical skill.








One of the ways to get the look is paint on multiple layers of polish (we’re talking seven at the very least), with one of those including some serious shimmer to get that precious stone shine. Get out your polish pen and draw some galaxy-esque swirls before filing the middle of each nail down to reveal your hidden handiwork.

You can also paint them using only a couple of layers of lacquer and a whole lot of crystals, but this version doesn’t quite have the same 3D effect. Everything from gold foil, glitter and gel varnish is fair game for this look.

Water marbling (minus the water) is also a gorgeous way to go about it, and it’s probably just as time efficient as the original method. Water marbling requires you to place large drops of nail polish in a pattern, adding more and more on top to create a layered effect before mixing them gently together to create a marbled effect. Once that’s done, you’ll have to let it flat dry on a table for roughly five hours before peeling it off and cutting it to the desired shape.

No one said beauty was easy –we’ll see you next week!

Images and video from INSIDER beauty,zingernailnaq57 and wtf_nails_studio


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