Why you’ll never clean your brushes yourself again

‘I absolutely love cleaning my brushes!’ – That, dear readers, is what a sentence no makeup artist will ever utter looks like. As we all know, cleaning brushes is a necessary evil. It’s a lengthy, meticulous and time consuming activity that’s essential to ensuring the health of your brushes, clients, and business.

Brushes and sponges are a haven for bacteria, with the buildup of grime having the ability to clog pores, cause irritation, encourage acne and limit the user’s ability to apply flawless makeup.

After listening to a makeup artist bemoan the process, entrepreneur and inventor Tom Pellarau created StylPro. Lightweight and easy-to-use, this innovative product can clean and dry brushes in a mere 30 seconds.

With multiple attachments suitable for a variety of brushes and a cleaning bowl, all you have to do is grab some brush cleaner and flick a switch. The attachment gently, but firmly, spins the brush in the rinsing liquid before rotating it at high speed for a rapid drying process.

“The clever design enables you to transform the state of your brushes in seconds,” a Shavershop rep told Professional Beauty.  “Simply select the right attachment and insert the brush into the rinsing liquid and watch as it spins rapidly to remove built up bacteria. After washing, the spinning function then works to dry the brush.”

World-renowned makeup artist Wayne Goss is a fan, with the beauty vlogger telling subscribers in a 2016 video that the effectiveness of the product ‘blew his mind’.

“It cleaned my brushes like that – it was absolutely amazing. You can use any brush, with it coming with all those different attachments that you can pick and choose depending on the size of the handle, but it just works every time with real hair brushes, synthetic brushes…I think it’s like a world-first.”

The only downside is that because the attachment spins the brush at such a speed it can cause it to splay and become larger and fluffier than what it originally was, however placing a brush guard over the fibers is an easy-done solution.

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