3 of the Best Salon Services to Market to Men in 2023

The beauty industry as we know it is dominated by female consumers. On a global scale, women continue to outspend men on beauty products and services. Recent findings suggest, however, that this gap is shrinking.

According to statistics released by Mozo in 2016, $AUD2.03 billion was spent on skincare treatments, $AUD2.02 billion on nail treatments, and $AUD1.81 billion on hair removal treatments in Australia annually. This number has likely risen in the last seven years given it was recently predicted the size of the Australian beauty industry would increase by 3.10% between 2022 and 2026 alone.

While these numbers are still overwhelmingly reflective of female spending habits, recent statistics released by Technavio suggest males’ interest in grooming products and services is on the rise.

Between 2022 and 2027, the global male grooming market is estimated to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 8.78% with the overall size of the market forecast to increase by $USD35,640.91 million.

It was also suggested that vendor partnerships with salons and spas globally is an emerging trend. It’s noted: “The growing number of salons and spas worldwide due to low salon opening costs and a huge customer base has boosted and supported the professional men’s grooming market.”

With such a shift expected to occur within the salon industry, and beauty sector on a macro level, it’s essential business owners keep up with demand and generate marketing strategies directed toward a male clientele.

Jamie Long, lead stylist for British brand HD Brows, has called out permanent makeup as a growing trend for men. Interest in procedures such as lip blushing, microblading and eyelash treatments have found favour with TikTok influencers. 

“Now lockdown has finished, people are still interested in carrying on with minimal effort makeup routines, which are made much easier by having all the basics in place: fluffy, ready-to-go brows, blushed lips and naturally lifted eyelashes,” Jamie says. “Thanks to this mindset, the beauty treatment industry is booming, and not just among [females], but males also.” 

Here are the top 3 salon services to market to men this year:

1. Lip blush procedures

Permanent makeup is a booming trade. Lip blush is often requested as a means through which to add colour to clients’ pouts in hopes of foregoing regular lipstick top-ups. For men, lip blush tattooing is growing in popularity due to its ability to “add shape and definition to your mouth,” explains Permanent Makeup Artist at K.B Pro, Karen Betts. For clients sporting facial hair, the lips can be made more visible when hidden behind a beard.


Showing the entire process is important and it can’t always happen at the same time in the same post. You need to know that this is a tattoo on your lips, period. The process will create swelling and whether you are here for a blush or neutralization the color we use is NECESSARY SCIENTIFICALLY to achieve the results you want! So the beignets and intensity are also necessary. Both the swelling and intensity will subside. Some quickly others it takes a few days. This is your body’s biology and I can’t do much about that so be prepared to wear a bold color for a few days. The outward healing process takes 3-10 days and it’s a tattoo so you need to be mindful and use the after Clare provided. Would are still wounds! The internal healing process can take 10-16 weeks depending. This is the color settling. It it’s very normal and takes the time it takes, again body biology. Once the color had settled we have you come back for a second session. We use this to adjust the color and perfect the details. Some clients need more than 2 it’s just depends on your starting point and goals! So keep in mind it took me 5 months and 6 hours of tattooing to show you this 39 second video and 8 years to build my skills, and the tools to create the soft natural results you see here! #lip #liptattoo #lippmu #permanentlips #permanentlips #lipblush #lipblushtattoo #lipblushing #lipblushnyc #lipblushmiami #darklip #darklips #darklipscorrection #liplightening #liplighteningtattoo

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2. Microblading and brow lamination

For makeup wearers of all genders, microblading provides a permanent solution in adding definition to the face. “Microblading is a great alternative to filling in brows every day, creating a fluffy, bang-on-trend finished look that allows you to wake up feeling fierce and ready to go,” Jamie says.

Brow Lamination is a safe choice for those wanting a more defined look that requires less of a commitment. It’s an ideal solution for men wanting to achieve a tidy, maintained look with a more natural finish.

3. Lash extensions or lifts

Long, voluminous lashes can enhance one’s face, regardless of gender. “For men who want a low-maintenance routine but also to look groomed and stylish, lash treatments are the ideal solution,” says International Lash Trainer for Nouveau Lashes, Debbie Law. “They allow men to lift the face, draw more attention to the eye area while looking natural and effortless at the same time.”

For the salon owner, offering themed promotions on the above treatments, specifically for men, is a great way to lure them through your doors – a 20% off voucher toward a brow lamination for the birthday boy, perhaps?

Given 16% of the Australian male population spend on manicures and pedicures each year, it could be worth offering a free mini lash lift for guys heading into the salon already.

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