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Lycon has just been awarded the Estonian Beauty Diamond Award for Best Professional Product. We talk to Lydia Jordane, Lycon founder and CEO, from Europe, where she is on a training trip, about how this professional waxing brand is taking on the overseas market.


Lydia Jordane, founder of Lycon Waxing trains teams around the world about her professional waxes.
At the LYCON Advanced Waxing Training in Slovenia. Lydia Jordane (centre with Nina Jordan from Lycon Slovenia), founder and CEO of Lycon Waxing trains teams around the world about her professional waxes. Kaili Laur (2nd from left) wins the award for from Lycon Estonia.


How excited are you about this win?

“It is very exciting,” says Lydia Jordane, founder and CEO of Lycon Waxing. “We know we are the world leaders in quality waxes, but when there is recognition by others, then we know for sure we are not just biased.”

Why do you think Lycon is doing so well overseas?

“It’s all about the Lycon wax quality,” says Jordane. “Both therapists and clients can feel and see the difference and are constantly searching for Lycon. Apart from the quality of Lycon wax, we also do a lot of waxing training in Australia and around the world to improve the waxing techniques of therapists, so that clients can truly experience painless or less painful waxing, which is something we are known for. Pain is not the same for everyone, waxing cannot be pain free altogether, but we always prove that is it by far better than what they experienced with other waxes; [the vast majority] of people who begin having Lycon waxing, report it is painless.”

This must be good for business…

“The salons who use Lycon wax report that their waxing business grows by at least 20 per cent within 6 weeks,” says Jordane. “This is because their clients love having Lycon waxing and the therapists enjoy waxing, which many prior to Lycon actually did not enjoy.”

Why do you think that is?

“Therapists do not enjoy inflicting pain,” says Jordane. “Therapists want to deliver a nice and pleasurable experience with their treatments, which they can with Lycon waxing.”

You have been in Europe training therapists, in Slovenia and other countries. Can you tell us about therapist in that part of the world? 

“Up to now they have used mainly European wax brands,” says Jordane. “We have had an agent in Slovenia for about six months, who I personally trained mid 2015.  Since she started using Lycon, the business has absolutely boomed and she already sells to many salons. They are used to not removing the hair well, sticky residue left on the skin after strip waxing and sticky strip waxes cause pain, even bruising and missing skin. This does not happen with Lycon strip waxes, so they are very happy and excited to have an alternative to wax with. Then there are LYCON’s hot waxes, which are a very comfortable low working temperature, so the skin does not feel prickly and irritated after waxing. That makes them a lot more confident to offer Brazilian waxing, which they couldn’t do so comfortable and effectively before. They now cause no pain or much less pain, no heat or burning feeling while the client is being waxed and they remove hair as short as one millimetre, which in the past they could not. It is very exciting for the Slovenian therapists and for me personally too.”

Has Lycon won any other awards lately that you would like to share? 

Lycon has also been voted as the Best Wax Supplier in the UK by the UK Guild of Beauty, in 2014 and 2015!”


The winning plaque from Estonia.
The winning plaque from the Estonian Beauty Diamond Awards, awarded to Lycon Active Gold for Best Professional Product.


What is unique about Lycon? 

“There are so many different skin types and hair growths; one wax for all is not the way a professional therapists should do waxing,” says Lydia Jordane. “What we have and train in, is the Lycon Waxing System. It is very simple and easy with definite superior waxing results.  We have strip waxes, hot waxes, Lycojet waxes, LYCOtec and LYCOdream waxes. They all have a place and are needed in the salons. It isn’t that a salon will use more wax by having a few of them on the go, it is about providing the best waxing – it’s actually more economical having a few waxing available to work with rather than just one.”

What other products does Lycon have?

“We have specialty pre and post waxing lotions, which are an important part of the waxing process,” says Jordane. “They provide hygiene solutions as a part of the waxing process, protect the skin during waxing so no skin will lift or bruise, and moisturise at the end. We also have our Ingrown-X-it range, which treats ingrown hairs for clients who need that type of attention.”

You’ve been to Austria, UK, Denmark, Croatia, Slovenia and the UAE on your current trip. What is your main focus when training therapists in other countries around the world? 

“My goal is to train them how to do the best waxing they can,” says Jordane. “Many do not even know how to hold a spatula, let alone do good waxing. This also applies to therapists [in other countries and] in Australia too; I do not mean to be disrespectful, but someone who has been waxing for 10, 20 + years, does not mean they know how to wax. It is a global issue. Many colleges do not teach waxing for long and many colleges do not teach hot waxing at all. It is not difficult to teach them and it doesn’t take that long. The results of what they can do, in just a 3 hour intense waxing training course, is amazing. It changes their lives and they are always a lot more confident in how they do their waxing.”




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