Lutronic introduces Genius

Korean-based aesthetic laser company, Lutronic, has launched the world’s “most advanced RF (radio frequency) microneedling technology”.

According to Lutronic, which is distributed in Australia by Advanced Cosmeceuticals, the Genius is a “revolutionary device that marks a new paradigm in RF energy delivery”.

“This device provides an intelligent RF delivery platform for lasting, unparalleled skin rejuvenation results,” the company says.

“It is the most advanced technology in RF microneedling available today.”

The device’s Intelligent RF technology “transmits thermal energy through microneedles precisely into the dermis” to “stimulate elastin and collagen production for impressive, long-lasting results”.

The company says that “thousands of clinical tests” ensure that Genius also “efficaciously provides optimised protocols” for every skin type and every age.

However, Genius’ ability to “provide real-time feedback during the procedure is what makes the device a standout”.

“The system senses the quality of the patient’s skin and has the intuitive know-how to adjust the treatment to deliver optimum outcomes while protecting the top layers of the skin… This ensures fast and comfortable treatments performed on all skin types and colours with minimal downtime.”

In addition, the Genius is “the only system on the market that has the technology to measure delivered energy” and is the only device to give practitioners “the capability to exercise precise control over coagulation wherever it is needed” to effectively treat scars, skin texture, wrinkles and laxity anywhere on the face and body.

Dr Steven Weiner, a California-based plastic surgeon, agrees that the Genius is a huge step forward for RF microneedling.

“With the advancements made with the Genius, suddenly, all other RFM devices are now obsolete,” he says.

Lutronic concludes that Genius is the result of “the evolution of Lutronic’s seven-year leadership in radiofrequency microneedling with millions of dollars invested in every pulse to create a standout device that is innovative, effective, intuitive and dependable”.

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