Laser Clinics Australia hits 100

Ten years after opening its first clinic, Laser Clinics Australia is celebrating the opening of its 100th.

Located in Wendouree, a suburb in north-west Ballarat, the new clinic will deliver the franchise’s popular “laser hair removal, skin treatments and cosmetic injections” to the local community.

Announcing the clinic’s opening, Laser Clinics Australia head of marketing Nicole West said the company has set the standard for “industry best customer service, safety, accessibility and affordability” since launching in 2008.

“Our team of more than than 140 doctors and registered nurses now delivers four million treatments annually, the most popular being laser hair removal, followed by anti-wrinkle and dermal filler treatments.”

Tony Seers, the owner of the Wendouree clinic, said he was “thrilled to bring these incredible services to the local community”.

“We want Laser Clinics Australia Wendouree to become a known local business with a sense  of community at heart,” he said.

“I have a lot of business management experience and I am a strong leader. I hope to bring some unique sales insights, as well as people skills and a strong team to the LCA network and the Wendouree community.”

The opening of the clinic follows the unveiling of LCA’s new brand identity celebrating the uniqueness of its clients and their freedom to look the way they want in October last year.

According to West, the company’s new mantra, ‘What’s Your Youness?’ was created to empower people to celebrate their “youness”.

She said the company has always believed in “making it easy for everyone to feel great about themselves, by delivering affordable non-surgical treatments that work”.

“We’re proud to have developed a concept that changed the industry (using our purchasing power to pass on the savings to customers) and allowed Australians to enter into a market that was previously too expensive for many.

“This is the foundation of our business, but now we have a sassy, bold and brave brand personality that will champion a movement, empowering and liberating for anyone who chooses to amplify their uniqueness.”

She said the company changed its brand identity to ensure it stayed ahead of the competition.

“When you’re the category leader, famous for democratising laser, skin and injectables treatments, it is inevitable that you’ll be copied.

“Whilst we were flattered by this we needed to revisit our core brand platform to elevate and distinguish ourselves above the chasing pack.

“Our new brand identity was introduced to reframe the category by leading with an emotive stance.

“Historically the interaction with our customers has been very functional and transactional.

“Our new brand platform has been built on human truths and opens into a dialogue with our customers. It’s all about speaking to our clients like a friend, breaking down some of that complicated beauty speak, and just like we do with our friends, celebrating what makes them unique.”

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