Freaky Things You Don’t Know About Makeup

Think you know all things beauty? These freaky facts will make you think again…

So you know makeup like the back of your hand?

But did you know fish scales are behind the shimmer in lipstick, or that wearing makeup used to be reserved for prostitutes? Welcome to the weird world of stranger than fiction beauty facts.

Here are five bits of makeup trivia you almost certainly didn’t know…

1. Blind beauty

In the early 18th century, women used eye drops made from the highly poisonous belladonna plant in order to dialate their pupils and appear more beautiful. The minor drawback? Most of the users of these drops ended up blind.

2. Dangerously pale

In early Europe, women in pursuit of the porcelain skin that was considered most attractive at the time lightened their complexions with a solution made of highly toxic ingredients. The result? Lead poisoning and hair loss.

3. Looks fishy

Ever wondered what makes your shimmery nail polish and lipstick glimmer so beautifully? It’s fish scales. The colour additive, often reffered to as pearl essence, can also be found in other beauty products, including skincare lotions.

4. Makeup classes

In the Victorian era, makeup was considered an indication of your social class. The most affluent and well-educated women wore very little, if any, while those that wore it often were usually prostitutes and women of low morals.

5. Black beauty

While most of us aim for a pearly white grin, in certain parts of Asia the opposite look – black teeth – is considered most desirable. Consequently men and women in these areas will actually deliberately stain their teeth with various pastes to appear more attractive.

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