Emsculpt muscles into market

BTL Aesthetics celebrated the launch of Emsculpt, a nonsurgical treatment for muscle building and fat burning, in Australia with an ‘Em Night’ cocktail party in Sydney.

Held at the at Sofitel Darling Harbour in conjunction with Luxe Cosmetic Clinic, an early adopter of Emsculpt, the event saw guests enjoy champagne and nibbles in between trialling the body sculpting device and spinning a Chocolate Wheel in a bid to win a treatment.

BTL sales director Gareth Pepper told guests that Emsculpt, which was launched locally just eight months ago, was proving very popular with salons and clients around the country.

He said Emsculpt’s local success follows its popularity in the US and Europe where it was launched last year and has been used by numerous celebrities including Drew Barrymore (the brand’s US ambassador), Kim Kardashian and Rebel Wilson.

BTL sales director Gareth Pepper and Luxe Cosmetic Clinics managing director Jeff Chen

The Emsculpt is “the first and only non-invasive treatment to go beyond the elimination of fat cells to strengthen and define muscles with no surgery and no downtime”.

Approved for use on the abdomen and buttocks in Australia, the device, which has recently also been approved for use on the arms and legs in the US and Europe, uses patented magnetic field energy to “induce approximately 20,000 supramaximal muscle contractions”.

According to Pepper, the contractions, which cannot be achieved voluntarily, are equivalent to “20,000 sit-ups or squats”.

He said the Emsculpt has delivered consistent results (including a 19 percent reduction in subcutaneous abdominal fat and a 16 percent increase in muscle mass) in 15 independent clinical studies using established methods of evaluation such as MRI, CT and Ultrasound.”

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