Destination Brazil

Are clients still after a South American adventure when it comes to waxing in 2014? Ashleigh Sharman investigates.


With the arrival of summer and a new year, beauty talk immediately turns to waxing trends and whether ‘the bush’ will indeed ever return. The current state of affairs, according to Ruby Rebic, is an affirmed “no”.

“The trend is still very strong and will continue as once clients have had a Brazilian wax they can’t go back. The reason for this however is quiet varied; most clients comment that they “feel clean” and it’s more comfortable. There are certain cultures also who much prefer the Brazilian wax, like the majority of Middle Eastern women,” explains Ruby who owns Sydney salon Dolce Vita Beauté.

Ruby, who performs a minimum of 40 Brazilian waxes each week, attributes IPL and laser treatments to a small decline in numbers but admits even as a method of permanent reduction, there are still fine hairs and waxing is the number one option to remove them.

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“There is good quality wax out there and I like to support Australian companies but your focus should always be on the client. Be kind to the person you are waxing, they trust you to do a good job in an area that is extremely personal and if you feel uncomfortable doing it then you should not be offering it as a service. Show integrity in your work and only offer this service if you are trained in providing it. I am confident the Brazilian wax will last forever; I don’t see the 70’s ‘bush’ coming back any time soon!”

For more information contact Ruby Rebic, owner of Dolce Vita Beauté, 53 King Street, Newtown NSW, (02) 9565 4777 or visit