‘Clean Beauty’ at BEAUTY & SPA Insiders

Clean beauty is just one of the hot topics on the agenda at the inaugural BEAUTY & SPA Insiders summit.

Organised by Professional Beauty and SPA + Clinic magazines, the summit will bring together some of the industry’s brightest stars for a day of inspiring talks,  innovative ideas and engaging conversations.

In the lead up to the big event, we asked Erin Nordern, the founder of Clean Beauty Market (a leading online destination for clean beauty products from around the world) and one of the panellists at the summit, a few questions to get to know her better.

What is your background in the beauty industry?

“I’ve been a makeup artist for about 15 years. Prior to opening Clean Beauty Market, I was freelancing.”

When did you decide to launch Clean Beauty Market?  

“Clean Beauty Market was launched in September, 2017. We opened our retail and online space at the same time. For years, I had been trying to switch mainstream products in my kit to more health and skin-friendly options and I had trouble finding products that performed as well as I liked. I was also looking for products not tested on animals. I did some research and discovered many brands from around the globe that were high-performance, non-toxic and cruelty free. In Australia, we didn’t really have a space to shop these brands so I decided to open Clean Beauty Market. We have been open for about 18 months now and have grown our collection to about 50 world-leading clean beauty brands including makeup, skincare, haircare, perfume, inner wellness and body products.”

What exactly is ‘clean beauty’?

“Clean beauty refers to our personal care products being without any harmful chemicals that could be damaging to our health, skin, and the environment. Clean beauty is as much a movement as it is a description of product category. It is about not having to compromise on performance, look or feel of a product at the cost of our health. These days, you really can have both – clean beauty that performs.”

Do you think it is a ‘fad’ or do you think it is here to stay?

“I think the growth of clean beauty over the last few years definitely tells us that it is here to stay and not a fad. There is so much more education out there now that is more accessible and people are really taking an interest in what is in their beauty products with the growing awareness around ingredients and regulation. I think clean beauty is really setting a new standard for the beauty industry and over time we will see that become more and more apparent.”

Do you think that all salons should stock at least some ‘clean beauty’ products?

“The rise of more clean brands means that there really are an abundance of amazing options for salons to consider. I think there is still a misconception that some products with more natural ingredients cannot perform as well but this is simply not the case. There are incredible makers of clean skincare that formulate with evidence-based active ingredients and the quality is phenomenal. What we have seen is that once people try our skincare lines, they are quickly converted and they often tell us that they are getting the best results they ever have. Therefore, I think there is definitely great potential for salons stocking cleaner products to meet the growing demand for safer beauty products that deliver results.”

For more information on the BEAUTY & Spa Insiders summit, which will be held in Sydney on May 27, click here.

If you want to take advantage of the summit’s $100 Early Bird discount offer register here before midnight on Friday April 5.

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