Suzie McIntosh's Brow Masterclass students

Australian brow artist Suzie McIntosh has just returned from Los Angeles where she co-hosted a master class for over 50 brow artists.

Suzie, who owns Suzie McIntosh Brows salons in Melbourne and Sydney, said the masterclass attracted brow artists “from all over the world including Sweden, the UK, Europe and even Australia”.

After successfully running her salon Melbourne salon for four years, Suzie started her training academy in 2017.

“When I first started my training academy, Kristin Fisher [owner Kristin Fisher Brows salon in Sydney] asked me to fly to Sydney to train her and all of her staff,” she said.

“Afterwards she posted how happy she was with my training on Instagram, and before I knew it well-known salons from all around Australia wanted me to fly and train their staff too – and my entire year was booked out!”

Suzie then held her first international master class in Canada last year with just six students in attendance.

Since then the business (and Suzie’s reputation) has obviously grown significantly with the students at her Los Angeles masterclass, her fourth international class, paying US$3200 each to attend.

Suzie believes the success of her classes is primarily based on the focus of their content.

“When I first released my training program it was based around ‘improving the healed result in your work’ as this is the main thing a lot of artists struggle with and yet, at the time, no other training program was based around this topic.

“I think this give me a big advantage over other brow trainers.”

Suzie’s next masterclass will be held in Las Vegas on November 22 and 23.

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