A Trainer and a Salon Owner on Brow Lamination

For years, I’ve left my brows in the capable hands of the Confidently Skin team in Sydney’s West Ryde. After trialing the salon’s new brow lamination treatment, I spoke with both the owner and her trainer on all the details.

THE TRAINER: Otto Mitter, Director of Elleebana

Elleebana’s Otto Mitter

Otto, for how long have you offered brow lamination training to aestheticians?

“Funnily enough, brow lamination has been around for about 10 years! It was called brow taming, but it has made a resurgence in the last few years due to fluffy, fuller brows being the trend that is most desired. Elleebana has been training for a few years now in the art of brow lamination and although we were practicing it for many years earlier, we recently released a special formula that is more gentle on fragile brow hairs as it does not contain any thioglycolate agents.”

Why have you chosen to educate aestheticians in brow lamination?

“Brow lamination can be very beneficial for clients that require a fuller, thicker appearance to the brow. It also makes grooming the brow into the ‘brushed up look’ a bit easier, especially for clients with strong hair texture and those that have difficulty using brow gels or waxes. We are very fortunate to have trained thousands of students now around the world in our Brow Lamination Masterclass series.”

Is your team able to conduct face-to-face training in addition to online at this time with ongoing COVID restrictions?

“Our training is able to be conducted face-to-face, but under the usual government restrictions and per-square-meter rule for attendee and safety requirements. During the pandemic, we invested many resources in developing our online curriculum. Our online classes all include live facetime sessions with trainers, as well as pre-recorded units. It was paramount that we develop a comprehensive curriculum that evolves with new research and information for our students. There are over 60 break-out units in our curriculum ranging from skin anatomy, health, safety, science and formulation knowledge, to marketing and advanced application modules.”

Why is education, particularly around hair anatomy, safety and brow design, such a focus for you and the Elleebana brand?

“Our speciality is working with lash and brow colouring products, and permanent wave lotions on lashes and brows. I’m a qualified cosmetic chemist and formulate these products, testing them regularly because clients can be sensitive or develop irritations to these formulas. We need to be using excellent quality raw materials and specific blends to ensure safety is the top priority. Brow design is the next stage of having a wonderful product and needs to be [precisely demonstrated] in action. This requires an intense training criteria and protocol so that our education team [can learn] the best outcomes and then develop the next generation of beauty stars in our industry.”

If a salon was looking at training in brow lamination, what are the key benefits they should expect to encounter for their business by doing so?

  • Therapists gain a valuable new skill,
  • Staff can upsell with a brow gel or styling serum, recommended for at-home use,
  • It’s a profitable service for salon owners in its own right,
  • It can be combined with a lash lift service or brow tint to maximise productivity and increase profits within the hour!

THE BUSINESS OWNER: Rossana Romero, Owner of Confidently Skin, Sydney

Confidently Skin’s Rossana Romero

Rossana, thank you for choosing me as a brow lamination model! Why did your team receive training in this treatment, and what are the subsequent goals for your business after doing so?

“Hannah, our pleasure! We like to stay up-to-date with trends, and adding a new skill and or service within the salon gets everyone excited (both clients and staff)! Having the brow lamination treatment as part of our services simply enhances our offering and our clients’ experience with us.”

Why did you choose to receive training with Elleebana?

“We looked at a few training providers, however went with Elleebana because we have always found them to be professional. Also, their products are of a high quality and have always been effective for our therapists to use, so always get great results for our clients. We also use Elleebana products for our lash lift and brow henna tattoo treatments, for which we also did our training with the brand.”

Briefly describe your training experience with Elleebana.

“The trainers are always very professional and knowledgeable. They are warm and friendly, and work with you on the day to help you understand what you are learning. They are also very supportive after class [has ceased] for when you have those questions pop up that you forgot to ask during the course. This is important to me because sometimes I need to send my therapists to training without me being present. I like to know they are in a professional environment and given the opportunity to learn what it is they need to learn to effectively perform the treatment once they are back in the salon.”

The treatment has recently launched in the salon! Do you have any plans around how you will roll this out to customers?

“We held a January offer of 50 percent off your brow lamination treatment with any lash lift, which was very popular! We will most likely include another offer in one of our marketing campaigns coming up, so stay tuned!

At what cost will you retail this treatment for? Why did you choose this price?

“Elleebana gives a price guide, which is really helpful. It’s important to also look at your own operational costs when performing the treatment. All salons have different operational costs so our price ultimately came down to this. As a standalone treatment, our Elleeplex Profusion Brow Lamination is $114. Because we do have a few clients who like to do both lashes and brows, we offer a saving of $30 to the client when booking both the Elleeplex Profusion Brow Lamination and Elleebana Lash Lift together.”

[left to right] BEFORE versus AFTER brow lamination on Hannah Gay

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