Does your body shape determine your destiny?

Three out of four Australian women believe that improving the shape of their body would change their life, according to a new report by Cynosure and McCrindle Research.

The Generational Body Shape report found that women of all ages believe “achieving the ultimate sculpted body” would change their life.

Forty-three percent said having such a body would result in them being “more OK” with who they are, while 37 percent said they would “feel more confident” going out with friends, 32 percent would “feel more confident” in their life, 31 percent would “enjoy going to the beach more” and nine percent said it would help their “career progression”.

Cynosure funded the research of 1000 women aged from 18 to 70 in NSW, Victoria and Queensland “to discover how real Australian women feel about their bodies and how they boost their body confidence”.

In response to the overwhelmingly negative sentiments expressed by the women, Cynosure is launching a new campaign for Sculpsure (the company’s non-invasive body contouring device) featuring women of all shapes and sizes “baring their bodies in the name of confidence”.

What do women want to change (Source: The Generational Body Shape report)

Cynosure Australia managing director Dennis Cronje says the campaign aims to initiate discussion about Australian women and their bodies “spanning generations, celebrities, attitudes, body perception and transformation techniques”.

The campaign showcases “the real, natural bodies” of Gen X, Gen Y and Baby Boomer women “captured in assured, happy poses to talk to the research”.

It also highlights the body areas the report found most women are eager to change – the abdomen was the area that most women were most dissatisfied with (61 percent) followed by the thighs (43 percent), arms (31 percent) and chin (18 percent).

“We are very excited to be able to present this ground breaking study that demonstrates Australian women’s relationship with their bodies,” says Cronje.

Sarah, Tina and Karen – the ‘stars’ of Cynosure’s new Australian campaign

“We know that Australian women are always searching to make changes, and we want to encourage them to look at safe and healthy alternatives such as Sculpsure.

“The fact that 59 percent of women say they are ‘unhappy’ with their body shape means we have a lot of work to do in helping Australians feel comfortable with their physique and we need to relate to this audience in the short-and long-term.”

According to Cronje, Sculpsure uses a laser “to raise the temperature of body fat to destroy fat cells under the skin”.

“The fat cells are then naturally eliminated over time and do not return,” he says.


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