Women spend more on beauty products than treatments

One in five Australian women spend more than $150 on beauty products each month but only 16 per cent spend more than that on salon treatments in the same time frame, according to online retailer ry.com.au

The Queensland-based retailer, which describes itself as Australia’s largest  online haircare and beauty store commissioned the survey of by Pure Profile between 10/02/2017 and 16/02/2017 with a national sample size of n=1013 women, aged 18 years and over., also found that two percent of women don’t buy any beauty products and 16 percent don’t have any salon treatments

The survey also found, perhaps not surprisingly, that women spend less on hair, skin and beauty products as they age.

“More than a third of women 35 years and under spend more than $150 on new products each month, which decreases over the years down to just one in 10 women over 55 years,” the survey reports.

“Again, it Is women aged 35 and under who spend the most each month on beauty treatments – almost a quarter of women under 35 (25 per cent) spend more than $150 a month on treatments compared to just 7 per cent of those aged over 55”.

In addition, the report found salon treatments are a top mood pick-me-up for many women. “More than one in five women (21%) will indulge in a salon treatment when feeling blue, compared to just 7 percent who will buy themselves a new beauty product

The top age groups who turn to salon treatments when feeling down or stressed are 26-35 years at 24% followed by 36-45 and 46-55 years who both came in with 23%.

Releasing the results, ry.com.au founder James Patten said that the site, which sells a range of brands including Endota Spa, Thalgo, Payot, Elemis, asap and Dermalogica “is for everyone”.

“We started as a place where everyday women could access professional hair salon products but now with a range of more than 10,000 items we are so much more.”

He said the brand stocked cult brands and popular products as “the on-trend items drive sales, which is good for business but importantly, it’s also about satisfying the wants of our customers to keep them coming back”.

He said that the team is constantly checking the market to ensure RY is competitive across all the brands we stock. “This is a big job, and can mean we are adjusting our prices daily on almost 15,000 products.”

When asked if the site cannibalises salon sales, James and Brad agreed that the website and bricks and mortar salons compliment each other.

“As owners of three physical stores in addition to our online store, we feel it is absolutely complementary to the salon business, says Carr. “The online shopper is looking for a DIY solution, which doesn’t generally compete with those consumers looking to treat themselves to a professional salon experience.”




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