Amy Jean at work in the Amy Jean Brow Agency

Australia’s most famous brow tattooing specialist, Amy Jean, the founder of the Amy Jean Brow Agency, has warned beauty professionals not to micropigment eyebrows on women that don’t need them.

Amy Jean, who is the ‘arch angel’ to local celebrities such as Roxy Jacenko, Michelle Bridges and Delta Goodrem, said that despite the popularity of the cosmetic tattooing procedure that made her famous, many women don’t need micropigmentation to perfect their brows ‒ yet some tattooists are acting unethically and performing the treatments on them.

She says that although eyebrow tattooing can be “a fabulous option” for the right candidate, it should not be “considered lightly”.

Yes, it can benefit a lot of women depending on their brow growth, lifestyle or artistic capability, but as artists we have an ethical responsibility to only tattoo people who are candidates for such a procedure,” she says.

A brow that definitely doesn’t need tattooing (image supplied Amy Jean Brow Agency)

Not surprisingly then, Amy Jean and her team often say ‘no’ to clients who ask for tattooing at her brow agencies in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and the Gold Coast as well as at her international pop-up salons in London, Paris, Milan, New York and LA.

“When we offer consultations, we are noticing some clients are certainly not in need of cosmetic tattooing, they are just looking to do what’s ‘on trend’,” she explained.

“We call this the Instagram affect.


Brows (before and after micropigmentation) by Amy Jean Brow Agency

“Some women (particularly those who never over plucked) have lovely natural brows and think that feathering or microblading is the answer to saving time in the morning, however they overlook the fact that their brows will still be fair and there will be regrowth irrespective of the tattooing – and that this will inevitably require in-salon attention.

“We tell such clients to save their pennies and simply invest in a four to six week shape/tinting service. Also, if a client has excessively oily skin we need to explain that the pigment is likely to blur and not remain as ‘crisp fine strokes’.”

Brows (before and after brow misting) by Amy Jean Brow Agency

She stresses there is absolutely no reason for anyone “to race into tattooing their face” as there is now a plethora of options available to enhance eyebrows including “tinting, shaping, henna staining, waxing, tweezing, keratin eyebrow lamination and an incredibly diverse offering in the cosmetic retail sector”.

Indeed, Amy Jean, who opened her first brow salon 15 years ago, launched her own brow makeup collection earlier this year.

The Amy Jean Privée Collection, which features eight “professional grade products” in colours ranging “from ultra fair to deep brunette, from warm to ash tones”, promises to help almost anyone achieve a ‘wow brow’.

“They’re professional-grade products that offer precision application and guarantee pro-like perfection, even for the artistically challenged,” says Amy Jean.