Alpha-H CCO Tina Randello talks vision and plans behind the brand’s revamped professional skincare range

Alpha H Chief Commercial Officer Tina Randello and Clinical Training and Education Manager LeeAnne Leslie talk recent changes in their professional skincare Prescriptive Range with Professional Beauty, continuing our coverage of the launch.

PB: What is the driving force behind the change? 

Tina says “The professional side of our business is very important to not only our roots, but also our future. We have invested significantly in the brand over the last 18 months.  We narrowed our retail range to a core offer of 25 products focusing on what we do best and what we are famous for- the gold standard in exfoliating acids (or as we like to call them Accelerating Acids). 

Our Professional range (Alpha-H Prescriptive) has had the same makeover. It’s a specialist Acid range with complementary products that prepare or replenish and protect the skin in after acid treatments. We see Alpha-H Prescriptive sitting perfectly between existing offers in a clinic environment, usually a cosmeceutical and natural brand. We are not replicating what already exists, rather offering a specialist acid offer from one of the global acid pioneers. 

We are tapping into the insight that both the consumer and the professional aesthetician no longer wants one brand to be a generalist and try and do everything, we are living in a world of specialisation. Know what you are good at and where your equity lives and focus on that. That’s the main driving force behind our relaunch.”

PB: How do you see the new range fitting into the professional beauty landscape? 

LeeAnne says “When reimagining the Alpha-H Prescriptive clinic range it was important to consider the 2021 clinic landscape. The beauty industry has evolved so much over the last 20+ years, and, as a brand with strong clinical heritage, we understand that the industry has moved away from a one size fits all approach.

In support of this evolution and philosophy we have relaunched our clinic offering with a more streamlined and targeted range of products that can work side by side with both existing professional clinic and spa ranges but also, with other modalities offered in today’s modern clinic space such as skin needling, dermaplaning and microdermabrasion. As a brand with a 25+ year history in developing chemical peels we have done this with a select range of options that focusses on results driven clinical peel treatments without skimping on luxury or the flexibility to tailor to individual business needs.”

“The professional relaunch is not about scale; it’s about curating a small collection of partners that can be an extension of our in-house Alpha-H team.” 

Tina Randello

PB: What are Alpha-H’s plans for rolling out the Prescriptive Range?  

“Over the last 18 months we have tightened our retail distribution to focus only on core strategic customers that are aligned with our strategy and now we are replicating this with our professional range and partners. 

The Professional relaunch is not about scale, it’s about curating a small collection of partners that can be an extension of our inhouse Alpha-H team.  Roll-out commenced in July, we are proactively approaching partners at the moment and also responding to approaches from interested clinics. 

We will be onboarding new partners over the coming months with training and brand immersions, ongoing our professional partners will be managed directly via Alpha-H. We have a dedicated team to focus on the professional side of our business to ensure if flourishes,” says Tina.

PB: Tell us about the timing? Has Alpha-H had to adjust things at all because of the lockdowns?

Tina says “We have not adjusted our launch timing for lockdowns, the feedback we are receiving from partners is the time when clinics are closed is a good time to plan for the future and understanding where Alpha-H Prescriptive fits into their offering given its cult appeal and awareness as The Acid Authority has been welcome planning for many.  The clinics we are talking to have been and plan to bounce back from lockdowns better than before and they recognise having a Professional brand with a strong retail offer is an important way to do this.  This means their clients can continue at-home progressive skin treatments and as affiliates of Alpha-H our clients partners benefit from this ongoing business.”

PB: How has COVID generally has affected the business and what are you hoping for in coming months?  

“Despite stay-at-home orders across all the key markets in which Alpha-H operates, we have still been able to keep growing the brand strongly. We have done this while relaunching the brand, tightening the range and distribution strategy, and entering new global markets. We are very positive about the future and the way our industry can overcome the challenges of the last few years,” says Tina.

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