“The photos confirmed for us how well the therapists’ programs achieved results…”

It’s that time of year when the winners are announced for the annual Real Visible Results (RVR90) in 90 days campaign hosted by Ultraceuticals. Judges sifted through hundreds of submissions from a call to action to all salon partners who entered their most outstanding skin transformations. The much anticipated competition celebrates the work of skin therapists who are dedicated to changing client’s skin, along with the remarkable results guests can achieve when they commit to a daily skin program such the range developed by Ultraceuticals founder Dr Geoffrey Heber.

Heber and his expert panel selected a winner and two finalists from each category: Ultraceuticals Treatments and Ultraceuticals Treatments & Modalities. Professional Beauty chatted with Ultraceuticals Founder Geoffrey Herber about the trials and triumphs of this year’s RVR90.

PB: Congratulations on another successful RVR90 activation – how was the response from around Australia?

“The feedback we’ve had from this year’s RVR90 program and awards has been great. We’ve had a record number of entries and on the whole they were very high quality. Our recent online RVR90 Awards Ceremony was very well attended and the feedback we had was really positive.”

PB: How important is it to showcase the work of beauty therapists and the role of Ultraceuticals?

“Our skin therapists can see how their clients’ lives can be changed by using their skills and Ultraceuticals home care and treatments. They can also learn from the experience of others how they might improve themselves professionally. We have been told that the RVR90 program has raised the standard of the entire industry.”

PB: You have dedicated your career to skincare and achieving real results – tell us about that journey and as a stand out moment for you?

“This could be a long story and there have been many standout moments. I have met many great people in the industry, both in Australia and overseas. It’s really uplifting to see how the brand has grown to be so well received and so important in the profession and the businesses of our skin therapists, in Australia and overseas. We have a fantastic team working for us now that is like a well-oiled machine.”

PB: What was it that you were looking for from entrants in particular?

“We were looking for the client’s history – what they wanted to achieve from participating in the RVR90 journey. We then looked at the home care and treatments the therapist used to achieve the desired outcomes for the client. Ultraceuticals is about changing people’s lives so the feedback from the client and the therapist about how they felt about themselves in and after the program was very important for us. A picture tells a thousand words and the photos confirmed for us how well the therapists’ programs achieved results for their client’s skin. Frequently in the after photos you could actually see that the client’s mood was lifted compared to how they looked in the before photos.”

PB: Can you share with us any hero Ultraceuticals products that stood out for clients during the 90 day competition?

“There were many great results for acne using both the Ultra Clear Treatment Lotion and Ultra A Perfecting products together. Ultra Mandelic treatments also added greatly to the results. Nearly everyone used the Ultra B2 Hydrating Serum.”

PB: How challenging was it to conduct this during the lockdown?

“The part that was challenging was that our Growth & Development Partners (GDP’s) weren’t able in many cases to meet our therapists face to face to explain the program. Even so, our GDP’s had Zooms and phone calls to keep in touch and we really didn’t see adverse effects from the lockdown at all.”

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